Since PranaShanti’s inception in 2008, Devinder Kaur, envisioned Ottawa’s first 300-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program.  Seeing the need for advanced yogic studies in the region, in 2014, Devinder Kaur with Steffi Retzlaff’s support and background in adult higher education began researching approaches for PranaShanti’s newest training program.
Following this initial stage, Kathleen Burr, with her expertise in program development, continued the work and formulated the program that we offer today.  We are grateful to Steffi and Kathleen for their dedication and contributions to this exceptional program.

PranaShanti Yoga Centre’s 300 Hour Program is a comprehensive course of study that delves deeply into all aspects of Yoga to build on the knowledge and skills developed at the 200-Hour Level. This self-paced modular approach to advanced Yogic education allows you to customize a pathway based on your own unique needs.

We believe that studying with a variety of highly trained teachers increases everyone’s knowledge and depth of experience. Our dedicated and skilled faculty deliver a well-rounded curriculum that enables you to refine your expertise in particular areas of interest due to their areas of specialization. You are welcome to start taking 300 Hour Level courses and formally enroll in the program at any time throughout the year.

Some benefits of formal enrollment in the program: Since PranaShanti is an ESDC Certified Educational Institution, you will receive a tuition tax receipt once a year as long as you are enrolled in the program and actively taking courses; you will also be able to complete the practicum requirements detailed below as a student in the 300-Hour program (these cannot be completed if you are not enrolled); if you complete the program as a formally enrolled student, you will be eligible for 300-Hour Certification.

Please note: completion of a 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program is a prerequisite to the 300-Hour program. If you have not yet completed a 200-Hour program, PranaShanti offers two per year: a part-time program that begins every fall and a summer intensive from June to August.

Yoga Alliance Standards and Certification

Yoga Alliance® is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. Their mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga.

PranaShanti Yoga Centre is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance and Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) are responsible for delivering the curriculum for this program.

After successful completion of the 300 Hour Program, you can opt to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT 500 Level if you completed RYS 200 training and accrued 100 hours of teaching experience upon completion of your 200 Hour program.

Visit PranaShanti’s Yoga Alliance page.


The 300 Hour Program consists of the following components:

    • 12 Core Modules that you are required to complete. This amounts to 200 contact hours and a total of 255 hours including non-contact hours; and
    • A variety of Elective Options that you will choose. This includes a minimum of 90 contact hours and will ultimately amount to 300+ Hours including non-contact hours.

This program is based on the 5 Educational Categories outlined by Yoga Alliance with a minimum number of designated hours. At least 270 contact hours must be fulfilled. Thus, participants will complete 300+ Hours of study since time is allotted for training breaks in addition to pre- and post-assignments.

Approximately one Core Module or Elective Option will be offered each month. We intend to offer Core Modules on a yearly basis and Elective Options every second year. New Elective Options will be offered based on the needs and interests of participants. The Core Modules and Elective Options can be taken in any order. This program is self-initiated. With a completion window of five years, you can choose what courses to take and when. You will be responsible for updating a set of Tracking Sheets to ensure all requirements are met before submitting your whole package for certification.

Courses may be accompanied by pre- and post-training assignments. All assignments are to be submitted to PranaShanti after completing the requirements for a Core Module or Elective Option. Our Teaching Team will review and provide feedback as needed. Participants will keep copies of all marked documents and then ultimately submit with all materials in the final package.

  • Restorative Yoga – Elective Option (30 Hours)
  • Yin Yoga/Ying Yoga Foundation and Advanced – Elective Option (25-30 Hours)
  • Meditation – Core Module (25 Hours)
  • Pranayama/Breathe to Heal – Core Module (20 Hours)
  • Sequencing – Core Module (20 Hours)
  • Sanskrit Language  – Core Module (10 Hours)
  • Mantra and the Yoga of Sound – Core Module (10 Hours)
  • Yoga for Everyone and Trauma-Informed Practice – Elective Module (20 Hours)
  • Next Level Theming: Teaching that Awakens the Heart  – Elective Option (20 Hours)
  • Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness – Elective Option (20 Hours)
  • Advanced Restorative Yoga – Elective Option (20 Hours)
  • Yoga Nidra – Elective Option (15 Hours)
  • Gentle Yoga – Elective Option (15 Hours)
  • Chair Yoga – Elective Option (15 Hours)
  • Yoga for Seniors and Healthy Aging Training – Elective Option (15 Hours)
  • Hot Stone Restorative Yoga – Elective Option (6 Hours)
  • Teaching Methodology – Core Module (20 Hours)
  • Ethics and Business of Yoga/Conscious Business – Core Module (10 Hours)
  • The Power of You: Define Your Authentic Voice – Elective Module (12 Hours)
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Bio-Mechanics – Core Module (20 Hours)
  • The Energetic Anatomy of Yoga (formerly called Yoga of the Subtle Body) – Core Module (20 Hours)
  • Yogic Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics – Core Module (20 Hours)
  • Principles of Ayurveda Foundation and Advanced – Core Module (20 Hours)
Self Study and Supported Learning – Core Module (40 Hours)
Practicum (10+ Hours)
  • Teaching under the supervision of a Faculty Member during Core and Elective modules.
Cohort Classes (10 Hours)
  • Participate in Cohort Classes at PranaShanti Yoga Centre held specifically for 300 Hour participants by Lead Trainers.
Personal Practice (10 Hours)
  • Attend a variety of Hatha, Gentle, Restorative, Therapeutic and Yin Yoga classes at PranaShanti Yoga Centre and prepare a written review of your experiences.
Self Reflection (10 Hours)
  • Read assigned books from the Reading List. When you approach the end of your training, complete 3 book reports based on the guidelines provided.
Mentorship (Optional)
  • Schedule one-on-one sessions with 300-Hour Teachers.

Upcoming Courses

Courses are available as “Core” and “Elective” modules varying from small modules of 5 hours up to larger modules of 20 and 30 hours. Because our program is self-paced, you can decide when you would like to take each module. Our Course Listing is published based on the calendar year with courses paused in July and August for summer break.

Date / Time: October 18 – November 15, 2022
Tuesdays: 6 pm ET – 9 pm ET
Instructor: Stephanie
The Energetic Anatomy of Yoga
As yoga practitioners, we can explore, become familiar with and have an immediate impact on our energetic or subtle body through various techniques such as asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork), mudras (hand gestures), mantras (repetition of sacred sounds or words) and meditation.
The state of our energy or subtle body affects everything from our physical health to our emotional and mental well-being, our sense of connection with others and the clarity (or lack thereof) of our purpose in life. In this course, we will examine the main yogic concepts of the subtle body: the koshas, prana vayus, nadis, chakras and five elements. We will explore these topics with a combination of practical exercises, discussion and theory.
This training is designed for yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, and all those wanting to learn more about the subtle body and its important role in physical, mental and emotional health, and as a powerful tool for spiritual evolution.
Date / Time: October 22, 2022
Saturday: 10 am ET – 6 pm ET
Instructor: Anne
Hot Stone Restorative Yoga Training

For ALL Yoga Teachers!
Join Anne Wanda Tessier (RYT500) for a deeply relaxing and nurturing Hot Stone Restorative Yoga Training. Learn about the history and benefits of this practice and find out how to sequence a restorative yoga class with the use of hot stones.
In this full day training, we will review various restorative poses which are ideal for placing hot stones as well as practice how to fully support the body and use props to ensure safety while placing stones. Explore how to use heated volcanic stones to help relax muscles, ground the body and provide comfort to your students.
You will learn how to set-up and clean up after a hot-stone restorative class and how to take care of the basalt stones and hot-stone heater. You will also obtain valuable insight on how to promote and manage hosting a hot stone restorative class for individuals, small groups and larger classes.
Date / Time: October 23, 2022
Saturday: 12:00 pm ET – 5:00 pm ET
Instructor: Kathleen
Mudras for Health and Healing
“What more shall I tell thee? There is nothing in this world like mudras for giving quick success (along the spiritual path).” – Gheranda Samhita
Enjoy an immersive experience dedicated to learning about the ancient art and science of mudra. Mudras are gestures of the hands and body that are consciously used to “seal” or attune to specific energy frequencies. Mudras originated with the sages of India and works of art depicting these gestures communicate their importance through the ages.
We will demystify mudras as a vehicle to promote balance on all dimensions and awaken essential qualities, such as stillness, centering, alignment, and expansiveness.
The mini-course will also cover these three mudra families to build capacity for self-regulation and resilience:
  1. Hasta Mudras to expand awareness;
  2. Sharira Mudras to awaken the breath;
  3. Merudanda Mudras to balance your energy levels.
Information will be shared to understand how mudras work and the effects of each gesture on your physical and subtle systems. Ways to integrate mudras into your regular yoga practice will also be discussed.
Date / Time: November 4-6, 2022
Friday: 6 pm ET – 9 pm ET
Saturday and Sunday: 9 am ET – 6 pm ET
Instructor: Laurie and Stephane
Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Foundation

For ALL Yoga Teachers!
Discovering the healing potential of a yin practice is becoming more popular. This 25-hour training is designed for both yoga teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners to delve deep into the practice and theory of Yin Yoga, and explore anatomy, sequencing, safety in postures, introduction to meridian theory, and mindfulness.
This training will benefit teachers, practitioners and students alike. It can be used as a therapeutic treatment or as a personal practice. You don’t need to have the desire to teach, only the openness to fully immerse yourself in yoga.
This 25-hour intensive is a strong complement for a current Yoga Teacher of any style. It can also be a springboard for the student who is ready to take the leap into a broader perspective and fuller appreciation of the practice of Yin Yoga.
Date / Time: November 25-27, 2022
Friday: 6 pm ET – 9 pm ET
Saturday and Sunday: 10 am ET – 6 pm ET
Instructor: Sonia
Principles of Ayurveda
Learn the core concepts of Ayurveda, an ancient tradition of healing, to enhance well-being and energy for the mind, body and soul.
Join Sonia for a 20-hour course to learn how to achieve personal and professional balance and unlock your true potential and purpose, through integrating modern science and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga.
If you want to understand and learn how Ayurveda and Yoga can be integrated at a practical level for your constitution, in your modern and fast-paced life, then this training is for you. You will learn how to attain peace, calm, and cultivate self-development in your professional life, in your relationships and in your lifestyle, using the basic principles of Yoga, Ayurveda and modern science.
By the end of this course, you will have your personalized wellness plan, based on your own unique constitution. You will be equipped with all the tools and understand how to bring balance to yourself based on your unique diet, lifestyle, and specific stress management techniques.
Date / Time: December 2-4, 2022
Friday: 9 am ET – 5 pm ET
Saturday: 9 am ET – 5 pm ET
Sunday: 11:30 am ET – 5 pm ET
Instructor: Devinder
Meditation Training
“Meditation: Because some answers can only be found on the Inner net.” – Shira Tamir

Meditation is one of the most natural and rewarding of all human activities. It brings balance, rest, and a growing inner peace.

While its highest and original purpose is to help us awaken our inner, spiritual nature, the benefits to body and mind are well established by medical research.

Practiced on a daily basis, meditation produces profound results on all levels of your being—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It connects you with your own inner powers of vitality, clarity, and peace.

Join, PranaShanti Yoga Centre Director, Devinder Kaur, for a pragmatic introductory course to learn more about the powerful affects of meditation and how to teach simple and effective meditation techniques to others.

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Date / Time: January 16, 2023 to February 13, 2023
Mondays (5): 6 pm ET – 9 pm ET
Instructor: Bruce
Advanced Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics Training

For ALL Yoga Teachers and Students!
Advanced Anatomy for Yoga Teachers is designed to build on core knowledge in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics learned in an introductory course (200-hour foundational yoga teacher training, for example). This interactive course is designed to provide a more detailed understanding of specific areas and structures of the body, in the contexts of asana and breath practice.
Participants will explore and study specific body parts and anatomic principles to develop and engage in knowledgeable, safe and sensible personal and teaching practices.
Particular attention will be given to the Lower Extremity (foot and knee), the Hip and Pelvis, the Spine and Thorax, and the Shoulder. The final session will examine injury in the context of yoga, based on knowledge and principles from the earlier sessions. Although Anatomy may be understood through focus and reduction on specific systems and structures, an integrative and holistic contextual understanding will also be encouraged.

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Date / Time: February 24, 2023, to February 26, 2023
Friday: 6 pm ET – 9 pm ET
Saturday and Sunday: 9 am ET to 5 pm ET
Instructor: Anne
Restorative Yoga Training – Advanced

Explore Restorative Yoga beyond the basics!

This advanced restorative yoga training is for experienced restorative yoga teachers and students who would like to expand their knowledge of this relaxing yoga practice.

We will learn various new poses not covered in introductory restorative yoga trainings, explore the physiology of relaxation and the therapeutic benefits of this practice.

We will explore the effects of rest on the body, mind and nervous system and the importance of finding calm in our busy lives.

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Date / Time: February 27, 2023 to March 20, 2023
Mondays (4): 6 pm ET – 8:30 pm ET
Instructor: Dev Suroop
Mantra and the Yoga of Sound

For ALL Yoga Teachers and Students! Everyone is welcome – no prior experience required and you certainly do not need a ‘good singing voice’ – if you can breathe and speak you can experience the power of sound and your own voice!

Study the nature and power of sound and mantra, drawing from yoga philosophy, wisdom traditions and science. Explore sound practices from the vedic, tantric, bhakti and nada yoga traditions, to shift and awaken consciousness.

Understand the connection between sound, silence and meditation. The training will cover breath practices and vocal techniques to support the mind-body-connection.
Learn how to begin and/or deepen your own sound and mantra practice. Learn how to teach and integrate sound and mantra practice into yoga classes, workshops and in one-on-one sessions. Practice the pronunciation of mantras from different traditions. There will be opportunities to practice chanting and leading chanting.
This is an experiential training that includes lecture, group discussion and practice. This training is designed for yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, and all those curious about the power of sound for well-being and awakening.

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Date / Time: March 3, 2023, to March 5, 2023
Friday: 6 pm ET – 9 pm ET
Saturday and Sunday: 10 am ET to 5 pm ET
Instructor: Dr. Nadya Pohran
Embodied Emotions: Complementing Mental Meditation Practices with Embodied Practices

For ALL Yoga Teachers and Students! 
A lot of people can think that emotions are things that happen in our brains. And, while it is true that the neural pathways in the brain are responsible for transmitting our emotions, emotions actually happen in, and to, our bodies. Research is showing that emotions have beginnings, middles, and ends. This means that our bodies can get “stuck” in cycles of emotions. It’s when we get “stuck” in these emotional cycles (rather than allowing/enabling the emotion to work its way through our body) that we experience things like immense anxiety, intense sadness, or burnout—among other challenging emotional states.
Thus, a first objective of this course is to equip you with an understanding of how emotions work in and through the body, by highlighting some of the most up-to-date research on this topic from philosophers, therapists, and wellbeing practitioners.
But there’s also another takeaway: because emotions are experienced in and by our bodies, this also means that we can use our bodies to navigate our emotional states. Indeed, advice like “sit still and calm your mind”, “focus on peace” is not always helpful when we are addressing intense emotional states. Rather, we can use our bodies to bring about a state of deep peace and contentment (what Hindu texts describe as “samatva” or equanimity.) In fact, a wide variety of cultural and philosophical traditions, over centuries, have developed systems for regulating and processing emotional experiences using the body. While these systems/philosophies are not exactly “immediate fixes” or ready-made solutions, they can offer immense peace and solace, and are a complement to more-still forms of meditation, for individuals who are seeking to quiet their mind and deepen their meditative practice.
With this in mind, the second objective of this course is to introduce you to a selection of these traditions which have developed bodily practices to address emotional states. One example of this is the Jin Shin Jyutsu, which is a Japanese art form where you hold your body in gentle, every-day postures to bring about an emotional release.

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Date / Time: March 24, 2023, to March 26, 2023
Friday: 6 pm ET – 9 pm ET
Saturday and Sunday: 11 am ET to 5 pm ET
Instructor: Michael
Yoga for Seniors & Healthy Aging

For ALL Yoga Teachers and Students! 
In 2021, Canada’s Seniors officially out numbered children. With no signs of this trend lessening any time soon, learning to teach yoga to our Seniors safely and mindfully is becoming an increasingly important skill in the yoga teaching world. Understanding the common physical and mental issues and having the qualifications to teach yoga to this large segment of our population will provide yoga teachers and care givers with a unique and very rewarding way to serve our communities.
In the training we will address common physical issues that will need accommodation in class, for example: osteoporosis, arthritis, COPD or CAD. Learning to create skillful modifications for older students, some coming to yoga for the first time, will allow for teachers and care givers to offer the gifts of yoga with confidence. Adapting to the needs in the room will allow for a strong, challenging, but equally relaxed and meditative practice.

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Date / Time: March 28, 2023 & April 4, 2023
Tuesdays (2): 6 pm ET – 9 pm ET
Instructor: Devinder
Ethics and Business of Yoga

For ALL Yoga Teachers and Students! 
Yoga is growing, evolving and becoming more widely available.  
Yoga Teachers need to be of service to their communities but also need to navigate the challenges of these times ethically, responsibly and be able to ensure their own sustainability.
In this course, we will explore:
  • The Role and Identity of the Yoga Teacher
  • Code of Ethics, Excellence and Professional Standards
  • Responsibilities in the Class Setting and Outside the Class Setting – in-person and online
  • The key aspects to consider when developing a Yoga Teacher business plan and your approach to teaching
  • Tools for the effective day-to-day management of your Yoga Teaching business
  • Identifying and articulating your unique offerings as a Yoga Teacher
  • How to establish yourself as a professional in field of many Yoga Teachers
  • Determining the most practical paths to gain teaching experience and professional development
  • Tips and techniques for teaching online classes

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Date / Time: March 31, 2023, to April 2, 2023
Friday: 6 pm ET – 9 pm ET
Saturday and Sunday: 9 am ET to 5 pm ET
Instructor: Kathleen
Trauma-Informed Practice

Everyone has been touched by trauma in some way, and there is a vital need for trauma-sensitive yoga and mindfulness.

Holding space is a continual learning process, and an environment is not a “safe space” just because a facilitator says so. Although teachers and other wellness practitioners show up with positive intent, offerings may have an unexpected impact. Many folks do not feel welcome, face obstacles of all kinds, and are sometimes adversely affected by what happens in yoga and mindfulness classes.

Through discussion about the dynamics of power and privilege, participants will learn more about systems of oppression and pathways to collective liberation to offer yoga in a way that honours the tradition and celebrates the full spectrum of human diversity. By understanding the connections between social justice, trauma and yoga, we can take skillful action.

This course explores trauma in a comprehensive way to understand the impacts and healing potentials. A wide variety of best practices and protocols are shared to create spaces that are genuinely inclusive and supportive. These trauma-sensitive tools for self-regulation and resiliency can be applied to any style of practice.

Participants will develop a trauma-informed lens and come away with resources to integrate into their own lives and to support the well-being of others. This course is an experiential learning opportunity designed to build on current capacities and empower sustainable service.

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Certification Requirements

  • All training must be completed at the same Registered Yoga School, PranaShanti Yoga Centre.
  • During the program, you will be asked to complete a set of required and recommended readings. Core Modules and Elective Options may also have pre-requisite readings. In additional to all other assignments, a total of 3 book reports need to be submitted with your final package to successfully complete the Program.
  • Once all requirements have been successfully completed you will be eligible to receive a 300-Hour Certificate.

Completion Policy

  • If you miss up to 25 percent / 5 hours of a Core Module or Elective Option in Educational Categories 1-4: you may still complete the course by informing yourself of the material missed and scheduling a private session, at your cost, with the Teacher at PranaShanti Yoga Centre.
  • If you miss more than 25 percent / 5 hours of a Core Module or Elective Option in Educational Categories 1-4: you will need to repeat the course.
  • Educational Category 5 must be completed in full.
  • Depending on the situation, other arrangements may be possible on compassionate grounds.


The program is self-paced and so is your investment. You pay for courses individually at the time of registration. The cost for Core Modules and Elective Options will vary due to the number of hours, number of teachers presenting in the module, early bird savings pricing and other factors. While we make every effort to keep courses as affordable as possible and minimize increases, fees will increase as our operating costs increase.

Approximate Costs for Potential Learning Pathway

Figures are based on early bird pricing, as of 2020, and the cost of books for required readings is not included.

Cost for Core Modules: 200 Contact Hours /255 Total Hours of Training

  • Total for 13 Core Modules: $4,410 + HST

Cost for Elective Options: 72 Contact Hours / 85 Total Hours of Training

  • Restorative Yoga (30 Hours): $440 + HST
  • Yin Yoga (30 Hours): $550 + HST
  • Body Reading and Hands-on Assists (10 Hours): $225 + HST
  • Chair Yoga (15 Hours): $345 + HST
  • Total for 4 Elective Options: $1,585 + HST

Investment for Potential Learning Pathway: 272 Contact Hours / 340 Total Hours of Training

  • $5,995.00 + HST

Program Pre-Payment Option

SAVE! Pre-pay for your 300 Hour Program in advance for $6,943.85 including HST and Program Administration Fee ($199.00).

Tax Receipts

PranaShanti is an ESDC Certified Educational Institution and can provide tax receipts for qualifying trainings.