Community Involvement

PranaShanti embraces a sustainable business model and our mission is mindful living on and off the yoga mat. We host a variety of special events and fundraisers to raise money and awareness around issues that are close to our hearts. We also donate gifts of yoga classes for silent auctions at local fundraising events.

We often offer yoga classes and special events in which 100% of the proceeds are donated by the teacher and PranaShanti to a local charitable organization.

At PranaShanti we provide an Energy Exchange (Seva) program for those who experience financial barriers to a yoga practice. In this program, yoga students contribute their time and energy through cleaning, postering, flyer delivery, and helping at the front desk during events in exchange for yoga classes.


Our Philosophy

“Yoga is not a work-out, it is a work-in. And this is the point of spiritual practice; to make us teachable; to open up our hearts and focus our awareness so that we can know what we already know and be who we already are.” — Rolf Gates

Our intention at PranaShanti is to create an oasis in the City of Ottawa for the practice of yoga and meditation in a diversity of methods. This is a space where all are welcome: at PranaShanti you will heal and strengthen your body, calm your mind, and rejuvenate your spirit.

PranaShanti’s teachers bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to their classes and represent the highest quality of instruction. They have devoted their lives and careers to sharing the benefits of yoga and meditation, in addition to embodying PranaShanti’s spirit of continuous education.

We provide a soothing space where you can explore many approaches to reaching the same outcome: creating ease in your life. We encourage you to be curious, relax, and take your time so you can leave feeling renewed.

We invite you to experience the PranaShanti difference.

Be well,
Devinder Kaur, Director

About PranaShanti
Yoga Centre

PranaShanti Yoga Centre facilitates daily drop-in classes, frequent workshops, events, health and wellness services, and foundational as well as ongoing yoga education. Our visitors range from those who make time for weekly stress management to career yogis seeking additional education.

Our dedicated staff are at the front desk to support your experience, and we offer a variety of class packages to suit your schedule. The Yoga Centre has three studio rooms for yoga and meditation classes, as well as washrooms and shower facilities. Because of our large space we offer many classes, events, and workshops simultaneously.

Our Yoga Centre offers several kinds of yoga in our daily drop-in classes, as different students require different styles of practice. For those who can accommodate multiple classes in a week, this allows students to reap the benefits of various styles all in one space.

Our intention is to provide an oasis in the city.
Slip through our doors and feel an ease in the air.
A home that heals your body, calms the mind and strengthens the spirit.

Wellness Services

Our Wellness Services consist of a variety of holistic treatments and therapies to support your yoga and meditation practice. We offer a tranquil treatment room for private appointments. Visit Wellness at PranaShanti for more details on our service offerings.


Our boutique is specially curated with products to elevate and support your practice. We source these products from ethical, sustainable, and local suppliers whenever possible.

We have a wide selection of yoga manuals and books, journals, candles, incense, herbal teas, healthy snacks, yoga mats, cushions, zafus, zabutons, body care products, jewelry, and much more. We also carry a selection of cotton, hemp, and bamboo yoga clothing from local and international designers.

Browse in person or visit our Online Boutique. Local delivery is available along with worldwide shipping for sending special gifts to friends and loved ones.

Centre  and Studio Rooms

At PranaShanti we take your health, comfort, and the environment to heart with our clean and beautiful space. The Yoga Centre incorporates quality décor including environmentally friendly material, fixtures, and finishes curated by Ottawa Design Agency 4te Inc.

Due to COVID-19 our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system was custom designed to include the latest in air exchange and filtration so you will be breathing the cleanest, freshest air in town!

Each yoga studio is individually climate-controlled. The Body Room is maintained at a temperature of 90°F and provides even heat from infrared ceiling panels resulting in a clean and quiet hot yoga experience. The Soul and Mind Rooms are room temperature studio rooms.

There are no mirrors or mirrored walls in our yoga studio rooms. We believe that yoga is an internal journey, and mirrors lead to comparison rather than self-reflection. Our teachers are skilled in providing adjustments through clear instruction and hands-on enhancements when requested by students.

Change Rooms

We welcome members and visitors to use our changing rooms that correspond to their gender identity.

Our change rooms have hooks for hanging clothing, benches for seating and day lockers for storing valuables and cell phones. The showers are large and roomy with privacy screening for changing. Energy-efficient hairdryers are also available for use.

Environmental Sustainability

At PranaShanti we are committed to environmentally sustainable business practices, and we continue to update our facilities to ensure environmental compliance.

In our change rooms, all showers have water filtration and our washrooms have toilets and urinals that are low water consumption units.

The hand soap in the change rooms is organic and biodegradable. When possible, for cleaning, we use natural cleaning products that are hypo-allergenic and biodegradable. Our paper products are made from post-consumer recycled paper.