The health and safety of our community is our top priority. We work extremely hard to keep our Centre pristine, and everyone who enters safe. As the health climate continues to evolve, so do our standards of health and safety at PranaShanti Yoga Centre and PranaShanti Education Centre.
Step 3 of Ontario’s Re-opening allows for In-Person Yoga Classes and In-Person Shopping in our Boutique starting July 16, 2021. 
As of September 22, 2021, with the government mandated Ontario Vaccine Certificate/Passport, in-person yoga class, workshop and training participants will be required to show their vaccine receipt (2 doses plus 14 days) when entering along with a piece of photo identification. Individuals who cannot receive the vaccine due to medical exemptions may enter with a doctor’s note. 
You can download and/or print your vaccine receipt from the Ontario COVID-19 Vaccination Service, or call 1-833-943-3900.
As an option for those that visit us frequently, a note can be added to your account to facilitate your future visits.
Our staff, teachers, wellness providers and volunteers are vaccinated or participate in regular antigen testing in addition to self-screening.
If you have questions or concerns about the Ontario Vaccine Certificate/Passport we ask that you direct them to Ontario Health, Ottawa Public Health or your Member of Parliament. 
We are hopeful this measure will allow us to keep our doors open in the coming months. Throughout the ups and downs, lockdowns and openings we are here to support you in practice whether Virtual or In-Person.
THANK YOU for your understanding, dedication and support.

General protocols

Please use this screening link before booking a class or appointment and arriving at the Centre.
If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms we recommend you complete the Ottawa Public Health Assessment Tool or contact your healthcare provider. 

Please note the following points on how we address our space:

  • Everyone must follow the City of Ottawa mask by-law. 
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance and front desk.
  • A protective plexiglass screen has been installed at our front desk.
  • Payments in cash are no longer accepted; credit, debit, or electronic payment are available.
  • Self-service stations (water and tea) are not available.  
  • We use Government of Canada approved cleaning products and protocols to maintain the cleanliness of all spaces and disinfect touch surfaces in the common areas throughout the day. A local commercial cleaning company performs a deep clean/disinfection (EnviroShield) of the entire Centre once per week.
  • Our heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is custom designed to include the latest in air filtration and heat recovery to provide a constant exchange of stale air so you will have the cleanest, freshest air in town!

In-Person Class Protocols

All classes continue to be offered virtually.
Your Health – Our Health
  • Register for class online. Bookings are first come, first served. Walk-ins are accepted and must check in at the Front Desk on arrival.
  • The Body Room is heated to 85 degrees F/29 degrees C. The Soul Room is regular room temperature.
  • Masks are to be worn when arriving, in the common areas and when departing. In accordance with Ottawa Public Health, the mandatory mask rule is waived when participating in an athletic or fitness activity. If you would like to wear a mask while practicing, please do so.
  • Class start and end times have been staggered to create more social distancing space for arriving and departing class. Social distancing of 2 metres must be maintained.
  • We have blocks, straps and bolsters available for use. If you prefer to use your own props, bring them with you.  Yoga mats are not provided and are not available to rent or borrow. 
  • Bring a pre-filled water bottle.
  • Our Change Rooms are open but we ask you to arrive dressed in your yoga attire. Lockers are not provided. Bring only what you need to practice into the studio rooms.
  • Bathrooms and showers are available for use. Please bring your own towel and soap/shampoo for showering.
Reservation, Cancellation and
Wait-List Policy
  • A maximum of 12 students will be permitted to attend class in-person in the Body Room and 10 students in the Soul Room.
  • Class Cancellation Policy: As we are offering limited spots for in-person attendance, we now require students to cancel reservations they cannot attend more than 12 hours before the start of class to allow another student the opportunity to attend. Late cancellations or no-shows will be deducted from your Class Package or charged a late fee of $33.00 for Auto-Renews and Annual Memberships.
  • Wait-list Policy for In Person Classes: If it’s outside of the 12 hour cancellation window and you’re next on the wait-list, you’ll be added to class automatically if someone cancels. Once you’re added, our new cancellation policy applies.
In-Person Class Procedures:
  • Arrive for class not more than 15 minutes prior to start time.
  • When you arrive, you will be asked a series of health check questions by our front desk Staff.  Starting on September 22 you are are required to be fully vaccinated (14 days after receiving your second dose) and you will need to show proof of vaccination. 
  • Leave your coat and footwear in the entrance area.
  • You will then be directed to hand sanitizer and our designated mat spaces that are spaced for social distancing.
  • Place your yoga mat with the front edge centered to the yellow floor marker.
  • The blocks, straps and vinyl bolsters available in the studio room have been sanitized. 
  • After class leave any props used at your practice space for us to sanitize for the next class.
  • Masks on please when moving to and from your practice space. As directed by the government, masks are optional when on your mat. Social distancing must be maintained.
After Class
  • Exit in an orderly way while maintaining social distancing.
  • In order for cleaning to begin, please exit within 5 minutes of class ending.
  • Conversations can continue outside with social distancing.


Registered Massage Therapy & wellness Treatment Protocols

Our Registered Massage Therapists continue to offer care and treatments and are here to support you physically, mentally and emotionally. Our RMT’s follow the COVID-19 Practice Guidance for Massage Therapists from The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Please note the following points on how we address appointments:

  • Arrive on time and alone for the appointment.
  • Clients must arrive wearing a mask and must wear a mask during treatment.  Disposable 3-ply masks are available during treatment, if needed. Clients unable to wear masks should not be making appointments at this time.
  • All RMTs will be wearing disposable surgical masks.
  • All forms to be completed will be emailed to you before your appointment. We have multiple screening protocols to ensure all clients are symptom-free before arriving for an appointment. No treatment will be provided if you arrive with any of the listed symptoms.
  • Clients must sanitize their hands upon entry. Hand sanitizer is provided. We will continue to thoroughly wash our hands before and after appointments.
  • Our sheets, headrest covers and towels are professionally sanitized by a commercial linen service and replaced for every client. We sanitize the headrest, massage table and all other touch surfaces between clients.
  • We have extended the time between appointments to limit contact.
  • For contact-less payment, all services will be prepaid in advance of the appointment either online at the time of booking or over the phone.
  • For cancellation, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required or full fee applies.

The Ministry of Health and the College of Massage Therapists govern the rules and requirements of massage therapists in Ontario. We are required to ask you to complete COVID screenings and health history forms that are added to your client file.

(Updated:  08 September 2021)