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A Yoga Therapist applies yoga techniques to specific health conditions. A Yoga Therapist, therefore, must be trained in both the techniques (asana, pranayama, chanting, philosophy or point of view and meditation) and the therapeutic applications of these techniques.

This point in time represents an exciting opportunity for yoga therapy! Though based in a long tradition of healing, yoga therapy is a relatively new occupation gaining awareness and recognition as an effective healing modality. This opening in healthcare is creating a new paradigm in wellness between the medical and yoga therapy fields. Career opportunities are emerging at a rapid pace due to public demand and greater attention to yoga therapy research.

Yoga therapy is easily integrated with other healing modalities, used in conjunction with western medical practices, and practiced as a stand-alone therapy. As a Yoga Therapist, you are trained to meet your client where they are and support their individual healing and wellness needs regardless of age, gender, condition, health history, physical and mental ability.

Yoga Therapists help clients to heal any number of physical conditions such as back pain, shoulder injury, sciatica, pelvic floor dysfunction, and plantar fasciitis. They also have therapeutic practices to address anxiety disorders, PTSD, insomnia, depression, autoimmune diseases, addiction, obesity, cancer support, and more.

Yoga Therapy – Foundation

This module consists of 3 parts which are taken in sequence and are to be completed before continuing to the Yoga Therapy – Advanced Module and the Yoga Therapy – Practicum.
FoundationS of Yoga Therapy – Part 1 – Dates and Timings TBA
Foundations of Yoga Therapy – Part 2 – Dates and Timings TBA
Foundations of Yoga Therapy – Part 3 – Dates and Timings TBA

Yoga Therapy Advanced

This module consists of 3 parts which are to be started after successful completion of the Yoga Therapy – Foundation module. These 3 parts can be taken in any order.
Applied Yoga Therapy
Common conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune disorders, cancer, respiratory illnesses, Parkinson’s, dementia and Alzheimer’s
Yoga Therapy and Mental Health
Trauma, anxiety, grief, PTSD, and addiction as applicable to adults and teens
Yoga Therapy and Postural Yoga
Posture modifications and adaptations for physical limitations, range of motion and to support rehabilitation

Yoga Therapy – Practicum

The Yoga Therapy – Practicum can be started after successful completion of the Yoga Therapy – Foundation module. The practicum is 200 total hours and consists of the following:
practicum delivery 150 hours
The 150 hours consists of the delivery one-on-one and group yoga therapy sessions in real time. The remaining hours are for documentation and communication with a mentor.

practicum documentation 20 hours

mentorship 30 hours



Melissa Delaney, Chantal Houde, Katherine Marr, Lynda Pedley, Bonnie Elliot and PranaShanti Faculty


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Prospective students must have a high school diploma or equivalent certificate to be accepted for enrolment. Applicants must also have completed a 200-hour or 500-hour yoga teacher training or equivalent from any tradition with a minimum of 1 year of teaching and 2 years of personal practice. Complete the Program Application which includes an interview with the Program Director and Program Co-ordinator.

transfer credits

We welcome transfer students from C-IAYT Training Programs subject to review of program content and alignment with our structure.  A number of the course modules from our 300-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program are transferable into the program.

  • Advanced Anatomy and Biomechanics
  • Principles of Ayurveda – Advanced
  • Meditation Training
  • Ethics and the Business of Yoga
  • Yoga of the Subtle Body
  • Yoga for Everybody and Trauma Informed Practice


  • Yoga Therapy Foundation: $7,500.00 + HST, 300 Hours
  • Yoga Therapy Advanced: $5,500.00 + HST, 225 Hours
  • Yoga Therapy Practicum: $1,500.00 + HST, 200 Hours
  • Total Program: $14,500.00 + HST, 800 Hours.

Application Process

Please Contact Us for the Application Form.

Accredited Yoga Therapy Diploma (C-IAYT) Graduation Requirements

Attendance at all modules.

Complete the 200-hour practicum.

Completion of a College or University level Anatomy and Physiology course.

Completion of all readings, homework, and assignments.