Established in 2017, PranaShanti Yoga Centre’s 300-Hour Program is a comprehensive course of study that delves deeply into all aspects of Yoga to build on the knowledge and skills developed at the 200-Hour Level. This self-paced modular approach to advanced Yogic education allows you to customize a pathway based on your own unique needs.

Believing in studying with a variety of highly trained teachers increases everyone’s knowledge and depth of experience, our dedicated and skilled faculty deliver a well-rounded curriculum that enables you to refine your expertise in particular areas of interest due to their areas of specialization.

Community is important to us so we invite you to get to know the members of the Teaching Team. Throughout the program we create moments for everyone to come together in person and online so we can keep our conversations going and support each other in our learning.  Please click on the links below to read more about the members of our Teaching Team:

Devinder Kaur – Program Director

Kathleen Burr – Program Developer

Stephanie Turple – Program Co-ordinator

Barrie Risman – Guest Trainer

Max Strom – Guest Trainer

Jessie Carson

Paula Munroe

Gitanjali Adlakha-Hutcheon

Mike Hutkins

Jenna Switzer

Laurie Howe

Anne Wanda Tessier

Stephane Ippersiel

Cat Doyle