Kathleen has a welcoming presence and creates safe space for an integrated yoga practice. Her light-hearted approach is focused on befriending the body and listening to its deeper wisdom. The overall intention is to plant seeds of self-love with practical techniques to awaken your energy and reclaim your power – everything you need truly lies within you!

Classes are gentle yet effective with modifications to ensure that everyone feels comfortable. Breathwork with purposeful movement and meditation help to promote wellness on all levels. Kathleen interweaves Mantra (toning and chanting), Mudra (hand gestures), and Yoga Nidra (divine yogic sleep) with Gong as tools for healing and transformation.

These ancient yogic practices offer you an opportunity to release constrictions in body and mind, allowing you to let go of what no longer serves you and embrace new ways of being. Classes focus on fostering connection and balance – this enables you to experience greater clarity and peace. Kathleen’s teaching style is grounded in her knowledge of the Chakra System (energy centres) as a body-mind map for integrative healing.

Kathleen completed PranaShanti’s Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program and has since undertaken studies in Integrative Yoga Therapy and LifeForce Yoga.  As a LifeForce Yoga Practitioner, Kathleen draws on practices intentionally designed to ease depression, anxiety and related issues.

Workshops with Kathleen are relaxing yet uplifting.