Gitanjali’s upbringing in India surrounded by the scriptures, the daily chants and rituals formed the basis of her spiritual pursuits. Academically inclined and having always had a frail constitution she delved deeper into components of yoga other than the physical. It is in Canada that she heard the call of her body to move and breathe consciously. She has been actively pursuing the asana practice for over 3 years. In 2011, she received her 200-hour certification in Hatha yoga and has taught at least twice a week since the week of her graduation.

A scientist by training and at heart, she likes to experiment to find the inner strength to empower each asana. When guiding a class, Gitanjali likes to integrate different aspects of the yoga practice to create a balanced and harmonized practice for the spirit, mind and body. A true student of her body, she brings a keen sense of alignment, and a big smile to all of her classes. Gitanjali looks forward to sharing the joy, lightness and strength that can be found on and off the mat through yoga.

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