Date / Time: September 29, 2023 – October 1, 2023
Friday: 6 pm ET – 9 pm ET
Saturday and Sunday: 9 am ET – 5 pm ET
Instructor: Anna Egan
Location: Education Centre and online
“The body is my temple and asanas are my prayers” – BKS Iyengar

How can we engage in practices that reflect the profound spiritual teachings of the yoga tradition?

This course will be an experiential exploration of asana (posture practice) and the ways that postural practice becomes spiritual practice. We will also explore prana and mantra and the subtle body, reflecting on the spiritual energy inherent in the body.

The weekend will be a process of self-reflection, contemplation, embodiment, and inquiry into the living tradition of yoga. Re-examining the yoga tradition and the ways that we can practically uphold ethical integrity and embody the spiritual dimensions of yoga in daily life.

The course will emphasize the intentionality of asana (the physical postural aspect of yoga) and the underlying energetic vitality that is present in the body. From this perspective the body becomes the foundation of the spiritual path.

The course provides students with an understanding of the historical evolution of yoga and how that differs and aligns with the practices we see today in the contemporary expression of yoga. The course will also include an exploration of the Buddhist influence on the yoga tradition.

Program Outline

At the heart of the yoga tradition is a commitment to spiritual evolution. Letting go of harmful habitual patterns and continually welcoming new ways of being. Through understanding yoga from the wider context there is an opportunity to embrace a truly transformative approach to life.

Traditionally yoga is a process that integrates the spiritual, moral, and transformative potential of all life experiences. In this course we will explore the term ‘spirituality’ and what that means for each of us. We will also reflect on ethical integrity and socially engaged spiritual practice. Exploring the ways that we can orient ourselves towards a spirituality that embraces all of life’s challenges.

Most importantly we will come to together in community to practice. Sharing our lived experiences and wisdom on the path of yoga. The intention of the course is to uplift each other, inspire each other and create the conditions for wisdom and compassion to flourish.

Learning Objectives:
  • Contemplation and refection of the ethical & spiritual dimension of yoga.
  • Understanding the evolution of asana (postural practice) in the yoga tradition.
  • How the body becomes the source of the spiritual path?
  • Why do we chant Om at the beginning of a class? The meaning and power of the syllable Om, and the essence of mantras.
  • How has Buddhism influenced the yoga tradition.
  • How can we claim a spiritual dimension of leadership in our daily lives, and what does ethical embodiment look like?
  • How can we build a capacity for socially engaged spiritual practice?

Dates and Times

Friday, September 29, 2023 to Sunday, October 1, 2023
  • Friday: 6 pm ET to 9 pm ET
  • Saturday: 9 am ET to 5 pm ET
  • Sunday: 9 am ET to 5 pm ET
The course will include asana practice each day, relaxation, meditation, group discussion and lectures.
Pre-Training Assignment:
Participants will be required to come to class having read the assigned readings that will be provided 2 weeks prior to the start date.
Post-Training Assignment:
  • Self-Reflective Journaling.

  • Individual Sadhana


SAVE $50.00 with Early Bird Savings when registering before June 30, 2023 for $475.00 per person. $525.00 per person thereafter.
If you live away from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and would like printed training materials to be sent to you, please ensure you sign up at least 10 days before the course start date in order for us to ship the materials to you. Otherwise e-documents will be provided, where possible.

Fee includes the training, manual and certificate.


This course is open to Yoga Teachers of all disciplines and levels of teaching experience including Yoga Teachers in training.

For 200 hour certified Yoga Teachers this course provides CEUs with Yoga Alliance. This course is also part of our Yoga Alliance 300 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.

300 Hour Elective Module: 20 Hours