We recognise that Yoga Teacher Training is a life commitment and that it can also present financial and access challenges.
Since 2008, through the generosity of donations and believing in the concept of serving one’s community, we have been offering exchange positions for our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs.
As of 2023, over 130 individuals have participated in this program. In the spirit of community and to support students becoming yoga teachers we welcome you to explore and share in these amazing opportunities.


As part of the scholarship program, the student will work directly with the teacher trainers to support the program, trainers, and students. Participation in this program requires full attendance on all weekends. The scholarship provides a 50% discount off the full tuition price in exchange for 20 hours of seva or service. The scholarship is available to individuals with an annual income of less than $30,000.00.

Duties include assisting the teacher trainers onsite during the course, corresponding with students during and outside the course, preparing training material, and assisting with program administration including facilities set up and takedown. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn side-by-side with the trainers. Once your application is received, you will be contacted for an interview.

BIPOC Scholarship

We are committed to making our Centre and the Ottawa yoga community more inclusive and accessible to Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). We offer scholarships for self-identified BIPOC who are interested in becoming yoga teachers. We acknowledge a gross under-representation of BIPOC in the yoga world, but we are committed to changing this. 

We believe one main key in making yoga accessible to all is by encouraging not only body diversity, but also diversity in race and ethnicity, in teachers and studio owners. In order to eliminate some of the barriers to training certification, we’ve developed a scholarship that provides 50% of full tuition fee for prospective people of color with a commitment to the journey of yoga. 

How to Apply

In addition to providing a resume provide answers to the following questions:

  1. Are you able to fully commit to the program in it’s entirely? i.e. attend all dates and complete all assignments.
  2. Are you applying for the Scholarship or BIPOC Scholarship?
  3. What has inspired you to apply for this program?
  4. What would you like to receive from this experience?
  5. How would you describe yourself, i.e. qualities, strengths, how you relate to others, any issues or aspects of yourself you are working on?
  6. How have you expressed your commitment to personal growth in the past?
  7. Describe your current yoga and/or meditation practice.
  8. Have you taken any yoga or meditation workshops, courses or training programs previously? If yes, please detail the name of the workshop, course or training, the date attended and name of yoga teacher.
  9. Some of the work/service assignments may involve physical activity. Do you have any limitations that may restrict your ability in such activities?
  10. How will you pay this training opportunity forward and be of service in the community?

Please include the following reference with email addresses or phone numbers that we can contact:

  1. Please provide us with two work-related references.
  2. Please provide us with a letter of reference from a yoga teacher.

Application Due Dates

The close off date for applications are:

  • 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Summer – Begins July 2024 – applications due June 5, 2024: 1 scholarship and 1 BIPOC scholarship available.
  • 200-hour Kundaini Yoga Teacher Training Winter – Begins October 2025 – applications due August 31, 2025: 1 scholarship and 1 BIPOC scholarship available.

Email applications to: info@pranashanti.com.


Additional Details

The scholarship program is designed for individuals living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada or within a reasonable commuting distance. Room and Board is not included in the program. For international applications, please confirm the dates and amount of time you will be required to be in Ottawa and ensure you have your travel, visa, and housing requirements in place before applying.