Date / Time: March 1-3, 2023
Friday: 6:30 pm ET – 8:30 pm ET
Saturday and Sunday: 9 am ET – 5 pm ET each day
Instructor: Gabrielle
Location: Education Centre and online
For ALL Yoga Teachers and Students!

Come and explore the effective use of basic yoga props like blocks, blankets, bolsters, the wall, the yoga chair, and yoga belts/ straps. Deepen your self-understanding through basic alignment techniques and the support of props.

In this course will you understand how props can support the unfolding and opening of the physical and subtle body. We will look at the layers of the body and understand how props can awaken the natural intelligence of the body.

Whether you want to become more confident in your current practice by integrating new techniques and refining your understanding of asana, or you’re curious how you can integrate props into a dynamic flow, this workshop has something for everyone!

We all have different shapes, flexibility, ability and energy levels. Props assist in the extension of our awareness and create opportunities to increase inner vitality!

Props are essentially guides for self-learning. Come play with props!

Program Outline

Topics covered include:

Introduction to Yoga Props and Their Benefits

  • Understanding the role of props in yoga practice
  • Benefits of using props for alignment, support, and self-awareness
  • Exploring different types of yoga props: blocks, blankets, bolsters, wall, yoga chair, strap

Basic Alignment Techniques with Yoga Props

  • Learning proper alignment in key poses
  • Using props to enhance alignment and prevent injury
  • Hands-on practice with props to experience alignment benefits

 Unfolding the Physical and Subtle Body

  • Exploring the layers of the body: physical, energetic, and subtle
  • How yoga props can facilitate the opening and expansion of these layers
  • Practices to connect with the subtle body through prop-supported asanas

Customizing Practice for Different Bodies and Abilities

  • Adapting props for different body shapes, flexibility levels, and abilities
  • Creating an inclusive and accessible practice using props
  • Providing variations for prop-supported poses to suit individual needs

Deepening Self-Understanding through Prop-supported Asanas

  • Cultivating mindfulness and self-awareness with prop-assisted poses
  • Encouraging inner exploration and deepening the mind-body connection
  • Guided meditation and reflection on the experience of using props

Building Confidence and Vitality through Prop Play

  • Boosting confidence in using props for personal practice and teaching
  • Exploring prop play and creative expression in yoga practice
  • Using props to increase inner vitality and energy levels

Designing Prop-Centric Classes and Sequences

  • Crafting yoga classes that revolve around prop utilization
  • Developing sequences that gradually introduce and build on prop usage
  • Considering class demographics and goals when incorporating props

Practice Teaching and Integration

  • Design and lead a mini-class using props
  • Feedback and guidance from the Teacher and your peers

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the Role of Yoga Props: By the end of the course, you will be able to explain the significance of yoga props in enhancing alignment, offering support, and fostering self-awareness in various yoga asanas and sequences.
  • Applying Effective Alignment Techniques: At the completion of the course, you will be able to demonstrate proper alignment techniques using different yoga props, showcasing how props can be strategically employed to achieve optimal alignment and prevent injuries in their practice.
  • Deepening Self-Awareness through Prop-supported Asanas: You will develop the ability to integrate yoga props to deepen their self-awareness and understanding of their own bodies. You will learn to use props to access and engage with the subtle aspects of the practice, enhancing their mind-body connection.
  • Designing Tailored Prop-Integrated Sequences: By the end of the course, you will be able to design customized yoga sequences that incorporate various props to cater to different body types, levels of flexibility, and abilities. You will gain the skills to create inclusive and accessible practices that accommodate diverse practitioners.

Dates and Times

Friday, March 1, 2024 to Sunday, March 3, 2024

  • Friday 6:30 pm ET – 8:30 pm ET
  • Saturday 9 am ET – 5 pm ET
  • Sunday 9 am ET – 5 pm ET 


$525.00 per person with our EARLY BIRD SAVINGS! Save $50.00 when register before December 31, 2023. $475.00 per person thereafter.

Fee includes the training, manual and certificate.


This course is open to general public. 6 months to 1 year of regular yoga practice is recommended for participation.

For 200 hour certified Yoga Teachers this course provides CEUs with Yoga Alliance. This course is also part of our Yoga Alliance 300 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.

300 Hour Elective Module: 20 Hours