By Devinder Kaur

Sound as a meditation technique has its origins in eras past. The original forms of this type of meditation date back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. The belief was that this type of practice could change a person’s wellness while improving their spirituality.

Over the centuries, this technique has been used by various cultures around the world and is also a key part of different yoga and meditation practices. Through the practice, a person’s body is entirely engulfed by sound and vibrations. These minute movements can help shift a person’s mindset and allow them to enter a spiritual state.

Sound bathing can include a range of instruments from singing bowls and drums to tuning forks and gongs. The instruments used depends on the type of session. There are many advantages–both physical and spiritual–that you can gain from this practice.

  • Release emotions
  • May help you manage pain
  • Lower anxiety levels
  • Change your state of consciousness
  • Elevate your spirit

While there’s no single way to conduct a sound bath, typically the teacher will instruct you to lie comfortably on the floor o your yoga mat, like relaxation in yoga class, before they begin the sound therapy session. You can close your eyes or use a low gaze. The teacher will begin to play the instruments. As the sounds envelop the room, you let it wash over you. Much like water cleanses the body. Breathe deeply, relax and allow the sounds to transport you! 

Photo by and of PranaShanti Teacher Stephane Ippersiel.


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