This October 6th, PranaShanti celebrates our 7th anniversary at 52 Armstrong in Hintonburg! Over the better part of a decade, the neighbourhood has grown into a vibrant, diverse community where people love living and practicing yoga.

As yogis, we look to the meaning of significant numbers (numerology) rather than waiting for a number ending in 5 or 0 to have a special celebration! Seven is a number that consistently shows up in cultures and religions as being particularly meaningful.  For example, there are seven heavenly virtues in Christianity, seven colours of the rainbow, and seven emblems of the Buddha.

Seven has a special significance for our anniversary, since numbers correspond to the Chakra system of what yogis call “the subtle body”, or subtle energy system. The seventh chakra is the crown chakra, which represents enlightenment, bliss and spirituality. When Kundalini energy rises during our yoga practice (represented by a coiled snake at the base of the spine), it rises through all seven chakras to stimulate and balance the crown chakra. For us, a seventh year celebration really feels like the realization of our journey to provide a successful, vibrant yoga community with a love for yoga life and education.

PranaShanti Turns 7! Celebrate with our by joining our concerts and enjoying our gifts to you from Sept 30 to Oct 6, 2015.

To celebrate this milestone, we’ve got some fantastic music events and fun promotions happening.

If you love singing, chanting, and beautiful yoga music, join us on Wednesday, September 30th for Ajeet Kaur’s Chant Workshop and Concert. Widely celebrated for her beautiful voice and sweet presence, Ajeet has toured and recorded with celebrated and beloved musician, Snatam Kaur, and we think it’s going to be a really lovely evening. Tickets are available here!

On October 6th, David Hickey returns to the centre to perform Crystal Journey, his improvised and healing harmonies created by crystal bowls, gongs, and other vibrational instruments. David’s concerts are always well-received in our community, as they are a soothing, meditative experience. Tickets are available here!

Finally, to say thank you for your support and dedication over the years, we’ve got two treats for you. On our official anniversary, October 6th, every class will have a giveaway. Get to a new class or your usual favourite, and you could win a prize from the boutique, complimentary classes, or a service from one of our wellness providers!

For everyone to enjoy, when you purchase a 5, 10, 20, 50 or Family Class Packages between September 30th and  October 6th, we will pay the HST for you! Classes are good for one year from the date of purchase, but we know you’ll use them up quickly. Thank you again for practicing and learning with us for seven years, we couldn’t do it without you.

For online purchases use savings code: Happy7years

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