Greetings, Namaste and Sat Naam,

Welcome to the new PranaShanti Yoga Centre website.  I’m very excited to share it with you! We’ve been tirelessly working on this for some time now and we hope the results reflect this.

The new website was designed to have a clear and uncluttered look which is easy to navigate. It focuses a lot more on content and experience to help you get to the information you need quickly and easily.

We’ve also added blogs to the new website.  Our intention in adding blogs is simply to share and inspire. When we are inspired, we are full of life, and we can achieve our greatness.  Inspiration is what carries us forward and what picks us up when we fall.

There will be many different blog contributors including some very special guest bloggers!  We all have something unique to share that can inspire another whether it is a story, an experience, insight, recipe or new found information.  The blogs will be an expansion of our PranaShanti community into an online community to share their expertise, experience and knowledge.

The launch of our new website marks the milestone of our 5 year anniversary.  We tend to mark time like birthdays and anniversaries as a way of remembering what we have done in that time period. It makes the passing months and years more memorable when we reflect on all that has happened in the past and then look forward to our plans, hopes and dreams for the future.

A very special thank you to everyone who has made each year filled with joy. We look forward to many more years and celebrations with you.

Be well,

Devinder Kaur

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