Start the new year by furthering your self-development and yoga education with Max Strom. If you love proven methods for living a happier, calmer life, and enjoy an accessible, intelligent yoga practice, this weekend is exactly what you need to start your year off right.

On January 15-17, we’re hosting Max for a four part series of seminars that will explore a transformational breath practice and gentle yoga, self-healing through strong vinyasa practice, and lectures and writing workshops inspired by his book: There is No App for Happiness – How to Avoid a Near-Life Experience.

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Read on for praise for There is No App for Happiness, and learn more about Max’s weekend in Ottawa here.

In There Is No App For Happiness Max focuses on the many methods we are employing daily to isolate ourselves further from each other, and compares the effects of these trends to a kind of mass autism. Note he is not a Luddite: he offers examples of the ways in which our technology assists us. Yet there are dangers and warning signs, and with the fervor of a poet/prophet he rings the alarm… yet not without humor; for example he implores us to become more self-aware before our devices surpass us in that respect. But this clarion cry is not all there is here, there are also practical passages about how to experience better quality sleep, how to breathe consciously, what yoga is about. He gives the reader exercises, so it’s not just a passive experience. I always find his writing warm yet cogent. — Ivan Nahem, founder + editor of Yoga Teacher Magazine

Direct, practical and accessible. Profound, transcendent and illuminating. Max has authored an important guide to living a more authentic and meaningful 21st century life. — Downward Facing Doc, physian + yoga enthusiast blogger

Max Strom’s book and teachings introduce us to three imperatives to reawaken to a new state of consciousness and the daily experience of a meaningful life.  These are the internal human technologies he has shared with tens of thousands of people across the world in his sold out seminars and workshops. — Gloria Latham, Owner of Semperviva Yoga Studios

There is No App for Happiness is the new playbook for how to survive THRIVE in our modern culture. It served as a great reality check for me personally.” — Kerri Kelly, Executive Director, Off the Mat, Into the World™

“In a world where there appears to be an app for everything and many people have more virtual friends than real ones, Max has written a powerful and important book. Highly informative, thought-provoking, empowering and action oriented…a book that can help transform lives and create deep personal connections.” — Russ Nash, former Global Managing Director, Accenture Health Practice

“Direct, practical and accessible. Profound, transcendent and illuminating. Max Strom has authored an important guide to living a more authentic and meaningful 21st century life.” —  John W. McBurney, M.D. Integrative Neurologist

“Comprehensive, focused and immediately useful, There is No App for Happiness is an articulate and highly readable synthesis of unique thinking and a framework through which to apply it to everyday life. This should be recommended reading for all leaders and development professionals.” — Travis Southwick, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

“The marvel of reading Max Strom’s book is to be convinced one can follow his three life imperatives to take back control of our lives and the private reality that is the deepest self. It is an astonishing work propelling the reader towards a new and more meaningful experience of living.” — Jeff Carter, Chief Strategist at Eyelock Corporation and author of No-Limit and The Art of War for Cancer

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