We believe that yoga has the potential to transform the well being of those living with traumatic brain injury by improving their ability to strengthen and reconnect their mind and body.

Bring the LoveYourBrain Program to Ottawa!

Join our LoveYourBrain Fundraiser
Saturday, April 1, 2017 – 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

LoveYourBrain is a non profit organization that supports those affected by brain injury.  LoveYourBrain is dedicated to connecting, educating, and empowering people to prevent brain injury, support brain injury recovery and most importantly promote a brain healthy lifestyle.

The organization was born after Kevin Pearce, a former professional snowboarder, suffered a traumatic brain injury while training for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. His road to recovery has brought to light the severity of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and the need for everyone to love their brain.

LoveYourBrain programs are designed to build community, foster resilience, and help people understand the importance of loving your brain.  They enable people who have experienced a TBI and those who support them to participate in community-based gentle yoga and meditation classes tailored to their needs.

This fundraiser is to help establish the LoveYourBrain program in Ottawa. The Ottawa LoveYourBrain Team of Kate Durie, Rachel Schmidt, Laurie Howe and Emma Sabourin have trained in the LoveYourBrain program and will be launching the Ottawa program of donation based yoga classes at PranaShanti Yoga Centre this spring.

We need your help and support to bring this program to Ottawa.  Join us for an uplifting evening that includes a 75 minute yoga class with Kate Durie and the Ottawa LoveYourBrain Team.  Our evening includes a 75 minute gentle flow/yyin yoga class that includes meditation and long savasana.

There will be refreshments, door prizes, silent auction, Kate’s famous love bombs and many gifts from our supporting organisations:

  • Lululemon
  • Saje Natural Wellness
  • PranaShanti Yoga Centre
  • HalfMoon Yoga Products
  • City of Om
  • Origin Coffee Shop

Cost: $40.00 per person donation. Regsiter HERE!

100% of your donation will be divided as 50% to LoveYourBrain and 50% to the Ottawa LoveYourBrain Team to continue the work of the LoveYourBrain organisation and to help establish the LoveYourBrain yoga program in Ottawa.

Visit www.loveyourbrain.com for more details about the non profit organisation.


  • Laurel Lawson

    Hello friends!

    I am writing to you on behalf of a group of TBI survivors, caregivers, yoga instructor and therapy practitioners and a Brain Injury Foundation in the Lower Mainland/Vancouver area in B.C. We are meeting together to look at starting Love Your Brain -type programs here and we would be very interested in your experience so far. Is there someone who could contact us?


  • Gunta Edwardson

    Would love to get an update for the love your brain course. I believe that I am on a waiting list. What are the next steps that I need to take to qualify for these classes. I am currently getting treated for post concussion syndrome.


    • Avatar photo Devinder Kaur

      Hello Gunta, thank you for your comment. It’s great to know that you are on the waiting list. For next steps, please contact Love Your Brain directly as they manage all of the application for the FUNdamentals series. http://www.loveyourbrain.com/

      Be well,
      Devinder Kaur, Director

  • Susan Trudeau

    Hi Devinder,

    I have seen your web posts on the Love Your Brain programme and have read their website.
    I am on the Board of Directors for the Wings of Phoenix-brain Injury rehabilitation here in Ottawa and would love to discuss the potential of some of the Wings clients attending these classes.

    As a client of Pranashanti, (you’ll likely recognize me) I love the quality of your teachers, your business accumen and your yogic mentality. I have moved and so haven’t been able to come for classes the past while, but will be back of course.

    I hope to have a chat soon,

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