Physicist Max Planck, said “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” This happens with a Yoga retreat.

Yoga Retreats create the perfect environment to take a step back and see our true selves, to watch our thoughts and the behaviours that hold us back. In as little as a few days we can start changing the way we are living by going beyond our ordinary routines.

On retreat there is time and space to do things just for you. Many people on retreat take this as a time to make conscious change. If you are reassessing your life in any way, thinking of a career change, moving, going through a divorce or experiencing the passing of someone close, then attending a yoga retreat is a healthy and supportive way to gain deeper understanding and insight. It can help you build courage and strength to create positive change.

Dietary and other changes can happen more easily on retreat due to the structure of the days and the fact that you are usually guaranteed to eat extremely well prepared food in a beautiful environment. Some stop drinking alcohol and coffee or make changes to their diet like removing sugar. Others have a digital detox and unplug all electronics so they can recharge their own batteries.

There is the daily practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. As you practice and relax more into the retreat pace your mind quiets and you then have the mental space to welcome new ways of thinking and being. Also, by getting to know the other retreat participants you will hear new ideas and different perspectives.

insabina31We often hear about going beyond your comfort zone. A retreat is the perfect opportunity to try some yoga and meditation practices that you may not usually try at your home studio. If you typically gravitate towards the more athletic practices maybe it’s time to try chanting and meditation. The same works in reverse. Who knows, you may find a new practice that you really enjoy!

Something unique happens when a group of individuals gather together in a beautiful location to share the practice of yoga and meditation. I encourage you to let go of the excuses of why you haven’t gone on a retreat. One of the keys to happiness is to get very clear and focused about what you really want and then make it happen. No excuses.

Devinder Kaur, Director

As featured in Healthwise Ottawa Magazine – Summer 2015 Edition

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