Chocolate Mould PranaShanti owner and Kundalini teacher, Devinder Kaur, took a group of yogis on retreat to Casa Om in Mexico this March.

They had a fantastic visit: lots of laughter, yoga, meditation, relaxation and gorgeous food. There was also some extremely interesting time spent with Julie, resident massage therapist, shamanic healer, and chocolate aficionado. Several yogis, including Devinder, visited Julie for a healing session and reported some fascinating, releasing experiences! Other yogis joined Julie for an equally healing experience: a raw chocolate tasting. This is Julia’s recipe for raw chocolate truffles, which are are delicious for the body and soul.

Cacao butter – 250 gram
Cacao powder – 50 – 75 gram
Agave nectar – 10 – 20 gram
Silicon mould

Optional, depending on your taste:  
pinch of salt
freshly grounded black pepper
pinch of chili and/or turmeric
vanilla extract or powder
blue green algae (spirulina or chlorella) 1 spoonful
roasted or raw nuts
candied fruit

Boil water in a double boiler or bowl set over smaller pot and bring the water to a low boil.
Put the cacao butter in the bowl/double boiler to melt until smooth.
Add spices and mix thoroughly.
Then add the cacao powder while keep stirring. You will see that the consistency changes, it will get much thicker.
Then pour it into the mould and add fruits or nuts, if using.
Put it into the freezer for about 30 minutes to set.
Take out just minutes before serving! These melt easily, so best to eat quickly.

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