Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.” Spirit says, “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.” – Marianne Williamson  

We don’t need all the answers right now. Start with peace and the rest will fall into place…and likely in better ways than you could have ever imagined!  When COVID hit and we were mandated to close, I went home and sat on my couch for a deep think! What will we do? How will we continue to support the students, teachers and staff? The answer – we go online and we go online right now! In less than 3 days from closure we were offering FREE live stream classes to the community and to the world! Teachers were paid and we were able to retain some staff. We kept the FREE classes going for 5 weeks! Hundreds joined in daily from around the world.  

Then the next reality sunk in that we are in the pandemic for the long haul. How do we continue to serve and uplift? Another deep think. The answer – we stay online AND we expand and grow!    

Over the next few months PranaShanti Education Centre was born! Our existing courses and training programs moved online and we are now expanding our Online and In Person course and training offerings to include additional subjects such as Stress Management, Healthy Eating, Mindfulness, Improving Memory and Emotional Intelligence.

Our temporary space at 45 Eccles Street is no longer temporary!      

We now have 2 locations! PranaShanti Yoga Centre at 950 Gladstone Avenue and PranaShanti Education Centre at 45 Eccles Street!

The PranaShanti Education Centre was just featured on Operation Support Local. Check it out! 

Be well,

Devinder Kaur, Owner and Director

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