Meditation Spelled Out! By Devinder Kaur

M – Mantras, mudras and asanas are the concentration points.  They provide you with the form and focus for the meditation.  Mantra is a repeated sound rhythm that directs the mind.  Mudra means ‘seal’ used to seal the body’s energy flow into a particular pattern and asanas are the body postures.

E – Eliminate Mental Intrigues.  Mental Intrigues are what happens when the mind is left on automatic and thoughts and feelings dominate you.  The combination of the subconscious and thoughts start the mental intrigues and self-defeating patterns.   Meditation helps to clean the mind of these thoughts and break your old patterns.  It is a sort of mental housekeeping.

D – Don’t over analyse or intellectualise.  This takes you away from the meditative process.  Intellectualising thoughts expands the intrigue and your mind weaves the thoughts into an elaborate story that goes to all parts of your mind.  You lose track of your real self and then become part of the games people play.

I – Integrates.  Meditation integrates your mind and your perception.  Meditation builds awareness.  It lets you be present to what you are doing.

T – Talk with committed language and train your mind to speak the truth.  Feel truth in your heart and speak from the truth in your heart with all parts of your mind behind what you say.   Language is a powerful tool for change.  Imagine for a moment if everything you said today appeared in tomorrow’s newspaper.

A – Aspects of the mind are the 9 patterns that are seen in our personality.  Meditations for each Aspect strengthen the qualities of that Aspect and balances it within you. When the Aspect is aligned it supports your awareness, purpose and your Soul.

T -Time and technique.  Meditate when you are alert.  Mornings are best and not after a big meal.  Different meditations have different effects with some as short as 3 minutes and others up to 2 ½ hours.

I – Intuition requires consciousness.  With meditation you can reach your intuition and you will be a different person.  You will become stronger.  You have an understanding that reads between the lines.

O – Open yourself to the process.  Meditation is everywhere and is for everyone.  It’s not magic, it’s not a religion it is a technology that uses what you already have – your body, your mind and your senses.

N – Neutral mind will develop through the meditation process.  The Neutral Mind is not a psychological state.  It is a state of being.  It witnesses and gives you clarity.  It takes us out of the box and allows you to be totally original and authentic.

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