International Speaker Bryan Kest:  This March 29-31, 2019, at PranaShanti we have the pleasure of hosting the founder of Power Yoga, Bryan Kest, for an exhilarating full weekend seminar. This is sure to be a Power Yoga weekend like no other but before we get into the details let’s debunk the true meaning behind this powerful practice as explained by the founder himself. For many students this style is often overlooked as the term “Power” is often attributed to negative thoughts of physically challenging sequences with no end. When Kest created this style in the 90’s he named it Power Yoga after it’s incredibly Empowering nature. Instead of thinking of this style as just Power Yoga, shift your perspective to think of it as EmPOWERment Yoga. To Kest, Power yoga is not only about the physical nature of his classes but of the post- yoga feeling of complete empowerment. How many times have you stepped out of a class feeling on top of the world and ready to tackle your day with ease? Kest strives to share this feeling and teach others how to practice in a way that will leave them feeling empowered every time they step off their mat.

Kest, true to his Empowering nature urges his students to leave judgment and competition at the door. He emphasizes the differences between your practice and your neighbor’s practice, from physical bodies to one’s mental state, once on the mat, every student’s practice will be different regardless of the sequence or pose. His classes challenge the mind to break through mental barriers and limitations. To be challenged in a class is to grow in a class and gain skills that will help you during your time off of the mat. Kest believes that an easy class lacks in skill building obstacles, he wants every student to see these physical challenges as an opportunity for mental growth. Throughout my career practicing yoga there has always been a saying which has stuck with me through difficult times and it is that, yoga teaches you to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, Kest’s Power Yoga does not fall far from this notion.

Much like PranaShanti’s class philosophy, Kest wants every student to feel welcome in his class. Whether you are 18 or 70, Power Yoga is for everyone as everyone deserves to feel Empowered to be their best selves. If you are looking for an opportunity to experience complete empowerment and strengthen your mental abilities both on and off the mat, then join us for this amazing weekend where you will be sure to strengthen more than just the physical body.

Join us for the full weekend of individual seminars.  More details are HERE.


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