Tuesdays July 5 and 12, 2016 – 10:30 am to 11:30 am

Mommy or/and Daddy get their groove back!

This class is for you and your baby & for pregnant women.

Whether your baby is in your belly or on your belly – let’s dance Nia. Together. This is your time in. A time to bond and connect with yourself and your baby through Music, Movement & Magic. You’ll sense and express your new body and build a strong bond with your baby & improve baby’s sensory-motor development. In the womb, mother and baby move to the same heartbeat. Dancing with your baby is a natural extension of this vital rhythmic connection. Infants thrive through touch; wearing your baby close, swaying and dancing together is a wonderful way to meet this need. We dance simple choreographies and also move freely (FreeDance).

You’ll gently build and strengthen your muscles, joints, connective tissue, coordination and balance, socialize with other mamas and/or papas & gain confidence as a new parent.

  • you can join at any time​
  • your baby is 6-8 weeks and up
  • you need a (wrap) baby carrier
  • you need a blanket for the baby on the floor
  • you bring everything you and your baby need to feel happy and comfortable

CostPranaShanti Class Card or Drop in Fee

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