Prenatal Yoga for the Perfect Birth by Jennifer Gillean

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could guarantee a desired birth outcome in some way-with yoga?!  Insert EASY button here!  As most of us have discovered, at least for the bigger events in our life, rarely do things unfold as we expect or can possibly plan for.  So why do so many health professionals recommend yoga and meditation? Could this be the same reason behind the natural draw many women feel towards yoga when expecting?

Practicing yoga during pregnancy gives you a renewed opportunity to connect with your mind, body and heart, accepting all that arises during this transformational period in your life. During the Prenatal Series, we aim to support you at every stage of this exciting time while helping to build on skills of coping and more. In each session of the Prenatal Yoga series we will wade through mindfulness and breathing strategies (aka Pranayama) to align with where you are today in your pregnancy. As we explore our very thoughts, fears and actions during this time we will connect with one another, offering a place of support and acceptance. To better prepare your body and mind for birth and after birth we will cover coping strategies which can be used as pain control techniques that can support you through the tougher moments of labour as well as after your baby’s birth. Within each session we will move through a different yoga sequence that will ease tensions and we will always end our time together with a rebalancing and restoring relaxation practice.  Throughout our sessions together, you will tap into the breath as a natural resource, enhance your concentration and bolster your voice through vocal toning.  You will strengthen your legs and explore a variety of birthing positions while learning how to build your overall pelvic floor health in preparing for any kind of labour.

Although I can not guarantee a fast or easy birth & recovery, I do vow that in each inclusive, judgement free class you will have the space to deepen your self-awareness and notice the habits of your body & mind. You will weave insights into how your mind reacts and embodies discomfort, aligned with how to ease your way through this transition. Surrounding your baby, you will grow your skills and strategies in that proverbial tool box for when birth (and life!) might twist and turn in unforeseen directions. Learn to view strategies as allies, to support you in staying present and connected to your birthing experience.

By Jennifer Gillean

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