Vidisha completed a 200+ hour certified Kundalini Yoga teacher training from Kundalini Research Institute and a 20+ hour teacher training in Yoga Nidra from PranaShanti Yoga Centre.

Born and raised in India, she grew up in a home where the importance of yoga was profound. Her mother often discussed the importance of Yoga to find calm and balance in daily life.

Having moved to 4 countries across 3 different continents of Europe, Asia and US within 10 years for education and work, Vidisha found her balance through Kundalini Yoga at PranaShanti, when she moved to Alymer.

She teaches Kundalini yoga and Yoga Nidra with a belief that through her teaching she can spread and share the positive transformation she found through Kundalini Yoga. She believes that transformation is not a future event, it is a present activity.

Vidisha’s style of teaching is very theme oriented where she brings a meaningful combination of Kriya and meditation which creates a wonderful totality to the practice. Vidisha firmly believes that when she practices and teaches, she is on a learning journey herself. When she is not teaching, you can find her as a participant at PranaShanti Kundalini class because there is something new to learn with every practice.