Born with a naturally busy mind, Venus was always on the go, constantly in motion and unable to slow down. The mere thought of trying yoga and sitting still was daunting, as she believed high-intensity exercises were the only ways to release built up energy. Initially hesitant to trying yoga due to her busy mind and fast-paced lifestyle, Venus soon found that yoga brought a sense of calmness, improved sleep and helped her build stronger relationships with others and herself.

Always eager to explore new ways of relaxation, she discovered sound healing and completed a course in the practice. Now, she incorporates gongs, crystal bowls, and other percussive instruments into her yoga practice, offering a unique approach to relaxation and a deeply restorative experience.

Having practiced yoga for over ten years, Venus continues to share her love of yoga and sound healing with others to guide them towards a greater sense of calmness and inner peace. Her journey proves that even the busy minds can find solace and stillness through the practice of yoga and other healing modalities.

Come join Venus on the mat and experience the healing benefits of yoga and sound healing for yourself.