Shar is a devoted practitioner and a life-long learner. She is on a journey to understand herself and consequently the interaction of life all around, while integrating the teachings of Yoga. Meditation has been a daily non-negotiable practice since 2017 and she notices it continuously relaxes her, bringing peace of mind. As the process of yoga unfolds, Shar is in awe of what can be perceived and felt if we pay attention. She is curious and enjoys playing with the edge.

Love is at the center of her teaching, on the mat and in her kindergarten classroom. She longs to share space and stories with humans. While teaching, she encourages her students to explore the sacredness of their experience with breath, movement and compassionate presence. She inspires inquiry and careful listening, in connection to students safely experiencing all aspects of themselves as they are. She helps make room for possibilities so that we can all find the deeper parts of ourselves, creating harmony, vitality and supporting the whole being.

Shar has immersed herself in teacher training since 2019, including a 20h Yin Yoga teacher Training, a 225h Fundamental (Vinyasa) Teacher Training, a 200h Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and a 20h Teaching Yoga and Meditation to Children Training.

Let’s come hOMe to ourselves, together.

Meet you on the mat!