Max Strom, renowned speaker, author, and breathwork teacher, has spent over 30 years teaching emotional healing and transformation through his Breathe to Heal method. This approach alleviates anxiety and sleep issues, fostering profound personal and relational changes.

His four TEDx Talks, including the viral Breathe to Heal talk, have captivated global audiences, while his books, including “There is No App for Happiness” and “A Life Worth Breathing” continue to inspire worldwide.

With a third book coming soon, Max’s work extends beyond the page through in-person courses, livestream workshops, and online content.

Explore Max’s teachings at to embark on a transformative journey towards a life of meaning and purpose.

“I spent a lot of time exploring various meditative and movement practices. However, it wasn’t until I found Max’s Inner Axis approach that I was able to finally recover from decades of battling depression and anxiety. I can’t express how grateful I am for what Max has created – it is simple and yet also deeply impactful.”

– Carrie Snyder, Circular Economy Consultant and Instructor at Harvard Extension School