Through a spiritual and inclusive approach to teaching, Kayla aims to bring students from any background to the heart of true yoga and the peace within themselves. In her classes you can expect different props/variations, thoughtful guidance, poetry, and spiritual inspiration. She has completed two 200hr yoga & meditation teacher trainings and has over 300 hours of continued education in Mantra, Tantra Meditation, Trauma-Informed Teaching, Yoga Philosophy and more. She is a student of Nataraj Chaitanya, Guruji Maharaj of the Shivoham Tantra Lineage and Artemis Emily Doyle & Bhairav Thomas English of Anuttara Ashram. She is also a team member of Anuttara Ashram’s Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training. Her practice and teaching are also largely influenced by Rupert Spira, Mooji, David Frawley, and Thich Nhat Hanh.

Kayla shares in her classes, in a spiritually devoted, accessible, and compassionate manner, what she’s learned through years of living at ashrams, studying with masters in India, and exploring the ancient wisdom of yoga as a way of life on and off the mat. For Kayla, yoga has helped her access an unshakeable inner peace all while not taking herself too seriously and guides her students to that place in themselves as well to live a more joyous and aligned life.