Alexis’ interest in yoga began in childhood through her parents. She began practicing regularly in university and completed her first 200 hour teacher training in 2010. Since then, Alexis has continued to take trainings and workshops. She has achieved her 500 hour designation for Hatha yoga and, most recently, completed her level 1 Kundalini teacher training. Alexis teaches Hatha, flow, hot, Yin and Kundalini styles of yoga. Her personal practice reflects these styles but she has really enjoyed delving deeper into meditation and mantra through her Kundalini practice. 

Having a regular practice brings a sense of calm and comfort into your life. Alexis has found that yoga makes being in her own skin more comfortable, both physically and mentally. A regular practice also brings deeper compassion for other beings and provides more balance to her busy lifestyle of being a high school teacher and mother. Pranayama and meditation are excellent stress management tools and the sense of spirituality and community that Alexis finds through yoga is also very important to her. Alexis believes that yoga is beneficial for everyone and hopes that her students find the same comfort and ease through their practice.

Alexis has an academic background in neuroscience and she loves when modern science aligns with traditional knowledge and experiences from her practice, which is more often than you might think! She strongly believes in having a regular gratitude practice, as changing your brain’s chemistry, changes your perspective towards the positive, and literally changes the way you experience life. There is a beautiful balance between nature, ancient knowledge and modern research. 

Over the years Alexis has watched her practice change through different ages, pregnancy, and fitness levels. She aims to bring that perspective into her classes and provide options for all practitioners. Her classes bring an easy going and welcoming style, with regular breath and alignment cues. She is delighted to have found a home at Pranashanti and looks forward to sharing her passion for yoga with you!