How did you get started in yoga?

As a child I was a gymnast, so flexibility was always part of my life. After being injured in my teens I was searching for something else. After several “failed” attempts of team sports (soccer, volleyball, baseball) my Mom brought me to her Yoga class, I remember thinking “this is for people my moms age and older!” However during that class something happened, something I cant explain I just felt “it”.

What does yoga mean to you in your life today?

To me yoga is more than these fancy arm balance pretzel poses. It is something you take with you off your mat day to day. I acknowledge that I am not a perfect human and at times show colours of anger, frustration, sadness, anxiety etc.  I then remind myself it is a practice, and I have tools (such as my breath) to help ease these emotional states.

What is your favourite type of yoga and why?

My favorite type of yoga is YIN!  Although, that was not always the case. When I first started to practice I needed the physical movement because I was not ready to “face myself.” Eventually I found that once I stopped chasing my thoughts I was able to settle in my body allowing myself to relax and accept where I am in the present moment.

How did you discover PranaShanti Yoga Centre?

I discovered PranaShanti when friends of mine would not stop talking about the incredible teachers and the amazing events that happen here.  Another huge draw for me was the fact they offer room and warm temperatures classes plus a wide selection of styles Hatha, Kundalini, Yin and more.

Why do you enjoy being part of the community at PranaShanti Yoga Centre?

The best part about being here at PranaShanti is the fact that we are a center dedicated to continuing your education as a teacher or a student. By bringing in guest Teachers, Gurus, Speakers/ Artists from all over you are able to get a sense of the vast information they have to offer. Also making connections with people in your community, even those who travel from different areas of the city.


  • Abbie Hain

    Dear Rebekka,
    I arrived at PranaShanti about a year ago to “try” some yoga to see if it might help me grow back into health. I really wasn’t sure if it was for me at this point in my life. I was intimidated by the fit and sporty people and just wasn’t sure if I could or should do it. Your beautiful energy and open hearted acceptance of me, seeing me for me, was so comforting and confidence building. Your warmth really made an influence on my decision to continue. And now here I am in Kundalini teacher training – imagine that! You are a light. Thank you for your kindness. Abbie Hain

  • Liz Lesh

    I am “FARKLEMPT”!!!!
    Bekka baby…when I try and explain what Yoga means to me, and how Yoga provided me with tools beyond the asanas, it’s difficult for many people to understand!
    You articulated exactly my Yoga journey which has transformed me into a calmer, kinder, and more balanced person.
    I have been introduced to new music, new words, new coping skills, new movement, new people, and, as a result, I have morphed into a new and better person. The world looks different with my yoga lens.
    And Bekka my love, you have been a large part of my journey and support!
    With so much admiration and love, Namaste. Liz

  • Wendy

    Bekka, you are one of the most amazing souls I have the pleasure to encountered and I am amazed of what you have accomplished, so looking forward of what you will do as you share your experiences to others and so proud to call you my friend!

    Love you beautiful warrior!


  • Carol-Ann Franche

    I remember the first day I walked through the door at Prana Shanti. I was unsure, nervous, then
    you came forth Rebekka…warm smile and helpful. You made me feel right at home.
    You are an amazing woman in every way. God bless!

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