Imagine unlocking a deeper dimension of healing and serenity in your meditation and yoga practice, where the flow of energy becomes as tangible as your breath. This is the promise of integrating Reiki—a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation—into your routine.

On July 20th, PranaShanti in Ottawa invites you to explore the transformative potential of Reiki through our Guided Reiki Meditation Class. This session will introduce you to the profound benefits of infusing your practice with personal energy healing. By aligning your mind, body, and spirit, you’ll discover how to ease every cell of your being, even amidst life’s daily challenges and stresses.

During the session, not only will you receive direct Reiki healing, but you’ll also learn how Reiki can enrich your existing routines. This includes enhancing your energy grounding, providing protective measures, and facilitating intuitive empowerment for those with sensitive and empathic natures. Reiki also supports easier clearing and recharging of your energetic field, promoting overall balance and well-being.

What is Reiki?

Reiki, derived from the Japanese words for ‘universal life force energy’, focuses on channeling positive energy to foster relaxation and balance within the body. Central to Reiki is the belief that energy flows through all living things. When this energy is obstructed or imbalanced, it can manifest as physical or emotional distress. Reiki aims to restore this equilibrium, often leaving participants with a deep sense of calm, reduced stress levels, and heightened mental clarity.

What to Expect?

Led by our experienced instructor, Tara (@embodiedlightwork on Instagram), the class will begin with an introduction to personal energy healing. Tara will guide you through a somatic and visualization meditation, enhanced with Reiki, tailored to each participant’s needs.

The session, scheduled from 2:00 to 3:30 pm, will commence with foundational teachings on Reiki and practical energy healing techniques applicable to daily life. Following this, you’ll immerse yourself in a 45-minute guided meditation where you’ll experience the healing benefits of Reiki firsthand. The class will conclude with a guided integration and reflection period, providing a holistic approach to your healing journey.

Tara will be available after the session to address any questions you may have about Reiki or energy healing.

Join us on July 20th and discover the soothing energetics of Reiki—a profound and gentle healing energy that promises to enrich your yoga practice and nurture your well-being.

Register now and embrace the transformative power of Reiki at PranaShanti Yoga Centre, Ottawa’s premier yoga space.

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