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How did you get started in yoga?

My first introduction to yoga was when I was four years old. I would watch my Mom practice in our living room and she would show me some of the postures. It was so beautiful and quiet and felt so special. I rediscovered yoga in my early 30’s. I’d tried running, team sports and the gym but those didn’t work for me. I wanted something that would help me feel stronger in body and mind. I decided to try out the yoga centre in our neighbourhood, PranaShanti. As soon as I walked in the door, I recognized that special feeling I’d felt as a child doing yoga with my Mom. After that class, I felt strong, calm and relaxed. It was great! Ottawa Yoga Reviews

What does yoga mean to you in your life today?

Yoga is not just something I do sometimes, it has become an important part of how I live. It supports my body by making me feel strong and healthy. It has also deepened my awareness of my body, helping me tune into how I’m feeling physically and know what my body needs. Ottawa Yoga PranaShanti
Yoga has also enhanced my meditation practice, providing me with a variety of meditations and breathing techniques to quiet and balance my mind. With a quiet mind and relaxed body, I can tune into my soul. Making the connection between these aspects of myself has increased my awareness and helps me navigate through life. I am grateful to have my yoga practice that supports me in many ways both on and off the mat. Ottawa Yoga PranaShanti Ottawa Yoga PranaShanti

What is your favourite type of yoga and why?

My favourite type of yoga is Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness. A Kundalini class includes something for body, mind and spirit, with warm-up postures, a kriya (set of postures), relaxation and meditation. I like Kundalini Yoga because I’ve seen the benefits over a short period of time. It works. Ottawa Yoga PranaShantiOttawa Yoga PranaShanti
I’m always learning something new in Kundalini Yoga. There are thousands of kriyas and meditations and every class is a bit different. Sometimes the postures and meditations can feel challenging and sometimes they flow through easily. Either way, by the end of a class I feel uplifted and lighthearted. Ottawa Yoga PranaShanti

How did you discover PranaShanti Yoga Centre?

I first heard of PranaShanti when it opened in my neighbourhood. Several of my friends practiced there and they had a lot of good things to say about their experiences in PranaShanti classes and they suggested I try it out – I’m glad I did! As soon as I walked through the doors, I felt more relaxed. I still enjoy that feeling when I go to PranaShanti. Devinder and her team provide a wonderful space to support you in your practice.

Why do you enjoy being part of the community at PranaShanti Yoga Centre?

I appreciate being a part of the PranaShanti community. I’ve met many people who are happy to share their knowledge and experience, which has served to expand and deepen my own practice. Yoga is a deeply personal practice, yet one that connects you more to others. The community at PranaShanti is there to share the journey with you. Ottawa Yoga PranaShanti


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