My Ottawa Yoga Story

How did you get started in yoga?

My intro to Yoga came with a curiosity about stretching. I used to run long distance and slowly began to explore different styles of stretching more deeply. Around this time a good friend introduced me to meditation. As a result, I was lead to Yoga asana and began reading books and watching videos and DVDs. Eventually I gave up running and began to focus more deeply on Yoga and meditation gradually developing a consistent practice over the past 17 years.
My Ottawa Yoga Story My Ottawa Yoga Story

What does yoga mean to you in your life today?

Yoga to me is all about striving for sacred balance in all areas including mind, body and spirit. It’s also about establishing and learning to maintain authentic connections to self and others. I’m a recovering addict working a lifelong program of recovery from active addiction; this life path and Yoga practice compliment one another beautifully. One of my spirit guides always reminds me that spiritual truths are never in conflict, they always compliment one another. I’m forever grateful to have been guided to where I am today.
My Ottawa Yoga Story

What is your favourite type of yoga and why?

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to explore a variety of styles of Yoga with amazing guides and teachers over the years. I really enjoy Yoga asana and the moving meditation created by linking breath with movement. I also quite enjoy the added challenge of warm or hot practice because it really builds up heat and good detoxifying sweat.

My Ottawa Yoga Story

I’ve recently started committing more deeply to Kundalini practice and feel incredibly drawn to it. I’m always eager to try something new and see where it goes!

My Ottawa Yoga Story

How did you discover PranaShanti Yoga Centre?

I discovered PranaShanti quite by accident. I was attending a workshop close by and happened upon it in the Fall of 2016. I came in to inquire about energy exchange and wound up getting hired within a few days and eventually hired as a receptionist about a month later. It was actually quite magical how it all unfolded.

My Ottawa Yoga Story

Why do you enjoy being part of the community at PranaShanti Yoga Centre?

I love working and practicing Yoga here because it really is such a great community of amazing people. My boss, my manager, fellow staff, and fellow students offer support, guidance and inspiration in so many ways. PranaShanti embodies the diversity, strength and balance I aspire to in my life. Working here has been and continues to be such an amazing experience!

My Ottawa Yoga Story


    • MARY Josey

      Jeff I love your explanation of what yoga does for you. It really has made a powerful impact on you. So great to know you. Thank you for sharing. I love the photographs they are so intense and beautiful. Kudos to the photographer.

  • Grace McGuire

    I greatly appreciate your reflections about your unfolding yoga practice and how that compliments your recovery. It is so wonderful that Prana Shanti Centre ‘found’ you and provides a community of support and overall well-being!

  • Kathleen Ranger

    What a great story of your life with yoga. Thanks for sharing the steps in your journey. All of the positive energy you are now experiencing is such a blessing in your life. Enjoy.

  • Tom Kelly

    Thank you for sharing Jeffrey! It’s always nice to share a moment with you while at the centre. I appreciate your kindness and passion, it’s inspiring!

  • Mary McGuire

    Mary McGuire
    Your photos are amazing! I have a deep appreciation for you and what you are becoming and already are. The body, mind and spirit connection touches me . I think that you were guided to the Prana Shanti Centre. It is a place of caring & community. I am thrilled for you , and grateful to you for sharing this aspect of your life with us.

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