Richard’s hands-on, humorous approach to Somatics helps students feel instantly at ease. He believes everyone has the ability to be more functional in his or her body and Somatic yoga helps students do that. Somatic yoga relaxes tight muscles and improves students’ body awareness. Richard links what he teaches in class to everyday life so students can apply the teachings to empower their own personal journey. Come and experience Somatic Yoga. Put some FUNC back in your life!

In addition to Somatic yoga, Richard offers Clinical Somatic Therapy as part of the wellness program at PranaShanti. This therapeutic form of Somatic work eliminates muscular pain, aligns the spine, improves your gait and you will notice a difference in the way you walk after just one session.

Richard has over a decade of Somatics training, including a foundational training with Susan Randall and ongoing education at the Applied Somatics institute in Duncan, British Columbia.