Enjoy some of the recent press about PranaShanti Yoga Centre

January 2013 – Tone Magazine, January 2013 Edition, “My Yin Yoga Teacher Training Experience” by Elizabeth Eaton

December 2012 – CTV Regional Contact with Joel Haslam – “Yoga Therapy – Devinder Kaur reveals the healing and meditative powers of the gong”, Yoga Therapy with Devinder Kaur

September 2012 – Tone Magazine, September 2012 Edition, “Why Forrest Yoga is For You!” by Ana Forrest, creatrix of Forrest Yoga

September 2012 – Healthwise Ottawa Magazine, Fall 2012 Edition, “The Pulse of Good Vibrations” by Debra Huron

September 2012 – Devinder Kaur wins the W3 (Women, Wisdom, Wellness) Health Activist Award. This award is presented to a woman committed to making our community a healthier place. She regularly shares her knowledge through lectures, workshops, and other resources.

April 2012 – Diane & Jen’s Community Spotlight features PranaShanti Yoga Centre. Diane & Jen are 2 dynamic realtors in our ‘hood!

November 2010 – PranaShanti Yoga Centre wins the Chamber of Commerce New Business of the Year 2010 Silver Award at the Gala Award Ceremony, Thursday, November 25, 2010. The Ottawa Business Achievement Awards is an annual celebration of the best of the best that the Ottawa business community has to offer.

September 2010 – Dialogue with Diversity, CHIN Radio – Ottawa Peace Festival and PranaShanti hosting the multi award winning movie “For the Next 7 Generations”.

September 2010 – Ottawa Citizen – Changing How People Feel in Just 90 Minutes

August 2010 – SNAP Ottawa Downtown – “PranaShanti Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training”

April 2010 – Rogers TV Daytime Ottawa – “PranaShanti Spring Cleanse”

March 2010 – Yoga Pilates Conference and Show and PranaShanti Presentations – Toronto, ON

November 2009 – Rogers TV Daytime Ottawa – “Introduce Your Nose to Neti Pots”

October 2009 – You Deserve It!Annual Women’s Conference – Orleans, ON

July 2009 – CBC Radio Gong Meditation Interview by journalist Dayanti Karunaratne

May 2009 – PranaShanti Yoga Centre voted One of the 5 Best Loos in the City – Ottawa Citizen

August 2008 – Rogers TV Daytime Ottawa – “Benefits of Meditation”

April 2008 – Rogers TV Daytime Ottawa – “Can you hear the gong?”

March 2008 – Rogers TV Daytime Ottawa – “Yoga for a Fine Spine!”

February 2008 – Rogers TV Daytime Ottawa – “Hatha Yoga with PranaShanti”

Enjoy some of the recent comments from students about PranaShanti Yoga Centre

“The energy is pretty incredible at PranaShanti it s warm and very peaceful. I love the location it’s a 2 minute walk from home. Also really appreciate the community class as I am unemployed at the moment. Affordable yoga is incredible Yoga has helped my fibromyalgia like nothing else has I am so very grateful to have found something that helps keep my chronic pain to a manageable level. Thank you so much PranaShanti.”

“The studio is so beautiful and clean. I just loved the class. The teacher was so zen! She was so knowledgeable and shared this great info about the benefits throughout the class. It was great to hear the details about how my body is benefit, I was proud to be taking care of myself so naturally. Thanks! P.S. she played great music, I bought the CD. The girls at the front desk were so sweet and friendly and chatted about the songwriter of the CD, i.e. he’s coming to visit,etc…great experience.”

“The studio is fantastic, one of the best in Ottawa.”

“Our intention is to provide an oasis in the city.”