The Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health

royal logoThe Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health raises funds to support the best possible patient care and leading edge research provided by the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, the Brockville Mental Health Centre, and the uOttawa Institute of Mental Health Research.

The Foundation’s funds are used to purchase Hospital equipment for capital projects, to support research, and to contribute to the improvement of patient care, now and for the future.

PranaShanti Yoga Centre is a proud and dedicated supporter of the Foundation and participates in the annual Leaders Breakfast and also the Women for Mental Health Program.


University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Heart Wise Exercise Program

UOHIThe University of Ottawa Heart Institute has partnered with PranaShanti Yoga Centre to develop safe and appropriate exercise programs for people who have heart disease.

Exercising after a heart attack is one of the best ways to help you get back to health. In consultation with the Heart Wise Exercise Program a variety of Yoga classes at PranaShanti Yoga Centre have been identified as safe and suitable for people who are interested in or concerned about their heart health. These classes have been designated as meeting the conditions for safety and suitability for heart patients. PranaShanti Yoga Centre welcomes and encourages people with heart disease to exercise, provided they have approval from their doctor.

The HeartWise Exercise Program at PranaShanti:

  • Encourages regular, daily aerobic exercise
  • Encourages warm up, cool down and self-monitoring with all exercise sessions
  • Allows participants to exercise at a safe level, and has progressive options to increase intensity if appropriate
  • Accepts participants with a known history of cardiac disease – provided they have physician approval
  • Provides health screening for all participants
  • Has an emergency plan that is documented and known to all exercise leaders, including the requirement of current CPR certification, phone access to EMS and presence of an AED

The following Yoga Classes have been identified to the Heart Institute as “Heart Healthy” because they meet the requirements for providing a moderate level of exercise.

Heart Wise

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Somatic Yoga

About the Heart Wise Exercise Program