Each year we are honoured to host the top international teachers and trainers of different styles and lineages in our Master Class series at PranaShanti Yoga Centre.  Some of the teachers and trainers we have hosted recently are:

  • Seane Corn
  • Girish
  • Dr. Ray Long
  • Anodea Judith
  • Todd Norian
  • Joe Barnett
  • Ana Forrest
  • Dave Stringer
  • Sudha Lundeen
  • Dr. Gurucharan Singh
  • Dr. Mahan Rishi Singh
  • Nirvair Singh and Nirvair Kaur
  • Krishna Kaur
  • Dev Suroop Kaur
  • Guru Raj Kaur
  • and more…

The path and study of yoga is vast and we are pleased to bring you the most knowledgeable and inspirational teachers to guide you on your journey. Join us to expand your studies and share in the knowledge and wisdom.