Why do a 40-Day Meditation?

Yogic science teaches that it takes 40 days to fully change a habit. A 40-day commitment to change can provide the shift needed to develop a life-promoting habit or to drop a destructive habit. A first step in experiencing the challenge and the glorious satisfaction of
lasting change is to commit to 40 consecutive days of yogic practice.

There are mediations that work on just about everything! For the most profound results, it should be a meditation that is at least 11 minutes long. This practice is a discipline (a personal sadhana) and requires that you make time at home every day to do it. If you
miss one day you must start all over again at day one.

The 40-day practice creates the experience of discipline, of commitment to personal growth, and helps you make the changes that you desire in your life. There will be days when you don’t want to keep going. But as Yogi Bhajan, the Master Teacher of Kundalini
Yoga, always said, “Keep up and you will be kept up!” Keep going and, at the end, you will have truly accomplished a change in your life.