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October 2014
  • New Moon Intention Setting

    New Moon Intention Setting

    Thursday, October 23rd, 5:45pm - 7:15pm
    New Moon Intention Setting
    The New Moon is day one of the moon cycle and is a time to plant new seeds for growth and prosperity. During the New Moon, our glands are at a low ebb, as is our energy.

    Meditating at the time of the new moon intensifies our intentions and makes it an ideal time to focus on positivity, to charge up the mind and body to turn our intentions into reality.

    Join Devinder for this uplifting class as we gather together to make a powerful claim to overcome our challenges while manifesting our intentions. Our class includes an overview of the astrology of the New Moon, breath work (pranayam), a short yoga set (kriya), a prosperity meditation and a deep relaxation with two Gongs played at the same time.

    Cost: PranaShanti Class Card or Drop-in Fee.
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  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Open House

    Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Open House

    Thursday, October 23rd, 7:30pm - 8:30pm
    Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Open House


    Interested in deepening your yoga practice on and off the mat? Interested in taking your experience to the next level by becoming a Yoga Teacher?

    PranaShanti Yoga Centre offers internationally recognized Yoga Teacher Training programs in Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. We are an approved 200-hour Registered Yoga School (RYS) through Yoga Alliance.

    To find out more about our upcoming Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, please join us for the Open House. Meet the Teacher Trainers, learn about our program and ask questions.

    Cost: Free


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  • Vinyasa, Zumba & Yin!

    Vinyasa, Zumba & Yin!

    Friday, October 24th, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
    Vinyasa, Zumba & Yin!

    Three incredible forms of movement blended into one great dynamic class.

    Vinyasa means breath-synchronized movement. This is our warm up as we link the movement of hatha yoga postures with an inhale and exhale.

    Zumba really gets us moving as we combine Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system.

    Yin Yoga is our cool down and is designed to gently stretch and rehabilitate the connective tissues that form our joints.

    Embrace Body, Mind, Spirit and Friends, as you share in this movement experience.

    Cost: Drop In Fee or use your PranaShanti Class Card.
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  • Children's Yoga Class - A Halloween Yoga Adventure!

    Children's Yoga Class - A Halloween Yoga Adventure!

    Saturday, October 25th, 11:00am - 12:00pm
    Children's Yoga Class - A Halloween Yoga Adventure!
    Come join Victoria this fall for 4 different, creative and fun-filled yoga classes! With an equal balance of play and rest, kids will learn how to slow down, breathe, and feel joyful! They will gain a better awareness of their bodies through yoga poses which focus on balance, strength and acceptance.

    During class, the children will be invited to participate in yoga games, yoga songs, and yoga stories!

    These classes are offered once per month on Saturdays from 11:00 am to noon. Write them into your calendars!

    October's theme is "A Halloween Yoga Adventure"!

    Costumes are encouraged! This class is not 'scary', but there is still an element of mystery and excitement built in!

    Cost: Children's Drop in Fee of $12 per class or sign up for all 4 classes for $42.00.

    Fro children ages 4-9 years old. Parents are welcome to drop children off or stay and join the class.

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  • Sadhana Kundalini Morning Practice

    Sadhana Kundalini Morning Practice

    Saturday, October 25th, 5:00am - 7:00am
    Sadhana Kundalini Morning Practice

    "Sadhana means daily spiritual practice. Sadhana is a self-discipline that allows one to express the Infinite within one's self. Sadhana is a discipline of the mind and body to serve the soul. Sadhana keeps the mind clear to accurately guide our actions.". Source: The Aquarian Teacher.

    The following items are covered in the Sadhana for the Aquarian Age:

    • Reading/listening to Japji (Guru Nanak's Poem of the Soul);
    • Opening mantra;
    • Warm up exercises;
    • Yoga set (Kriya) with relaxation;
    • Mantra meditations;
    • Closing affirmation.

    (Japji Booklets and Mantra Sheets available for use during Sadhana)

    Bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing. You may also like to bring a bottle of water and a blanket to stay warm during relaxation.

    Cost: $5.00 donation for the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) Library of Teachings.

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  • Setting Your Foundation: A Beginner Yoga Series

    Setting Your Foundation: A Beginner Yoga Series

    Sunday, October 26th to Sunday, November 16th, 1:00pm - 3:00pm
    Setting Your Foundation: A Beginner Yoga Series

    Only two spaces left!

    Join Christiane for this four week beginners' series that will cover everything you need to know to get started in yoga! Christiane is a calm, experienced teacher who can address all your questions and support you no matter why you choose to practice yoga.

    Part 1: Yoga Basics - October 26
    • Basic yoga philosophy, including a brief look at breath and meditation practices.
    • Conversation on the various styles of yoga, and what to expect in each style of class.
    • Enjoy a full Hatha Yoga class with individual attention and personalized adjustments.
    Part 2: Seated Poses - November 2
    • Introduction to relevant anatomy of hips and spine when sitting
    • Learn how to use yoga props for your personal practice.
    • Experience various seated poses and how to adjust, modify and support the body.
    Part 3: Standing Poses - November 9
    • Learn anatomy and alignment of body (including hands when in inversions) when standing.
    • Practice transitioning safely in and out of poses/from one pose to another
    • Experience most common standing poses and how to adjust, modify and support your body.
    Part 4: Balances, Twists and Other Poses - November 16
    • Build upon your knowledge to develop a balance practice!
    • Learn how to get into balances and twists with an emphasis on supporting/protecting the joints and the spine.
    • Experience various balancing poses, twists and other poses, and how to adjust, modify and support the body.
    Cost: $40.00 per individual part or $120.00 for the entire four-part series. Space is limited to ensure individual attention and personalized adjustments for each student.

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  • Mirabai Ceiba Sacred Chant Concert - Songs of Love & Longing

    Mirabai Ceiba Sacred Chant Concert - Songs of Love & Longing

    Sunday, October 26th, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
    Mirabai Ceiba Sacred Chant Concert - Songs of Love & Longing

    A gentle yet expansive spirit pervades all the music of Mirabai Ceiba. The delicate sounds of harp, piano, and guitar blend with lovingly intertwined voices amid lush celestial soundscapes.

    Their concerts are group celebrations for peace—joyous and loving occasions that embody the duo's profound belief in music as a universal language uniting all the world's peoples, cultures and traditions.

    Join Mirabai Ceiba for an intimate evening of heart opening chanting, conscious breath practice, meditations and spiritual songs to embody the Song of our Lives.

    About Mirabai Ceiba:

    Mirabai Ceiba is a duo consisting of guitarist/singer Markus Sieber and singer/harpist/pianist Angelika Baumbach. They come from different parts of the world. Markus is East German. Angelika was born in Tucson, Arizona, and grew up in a small village near Mexico City, the daughter of a Mexican mother and German father.

    Together, Angelika and Markus have forged engaging new style of world devotional music blending Gurmukhi mantras from the Kundalini Yoga tradition with original songs in English and Spanish that reflect a Native American influence and also draw words of wisdom from Rumi, Thich Nhat Hanh, Guru Nanak and Yogi Bhajan. Through exquisitely crafted recordings like their CD A Hundred Blessings, Mirabai Ceiba weave a beguiling tapestry from these diverse influence and sources. And that's what the music feels like: a beneficent and abundant gift from the universe. In concert, they inspire all present to chant together in a spirit of compassionate love and Oneness.

    Cost: $25.00 per person in advance, $30.00 per person day of the event. Children under 12 free admittance.
    Doors open at 6:30 PM for seating.  Concert begins at 7:00 PM.

    Snatam Kaur: “When I got a chance to sing with Mirabai Ceiba at Sat Nam Fest my heart just opened. I think because their music flows directly from their hearts, with joy, sacredness, and beauty they bring forth the most magical music and chanting.”

    Deva Premal and Miten: "Mirabai Ceiba have created a beautiful, natural, warm album that we have found to be both inspirational and uplifting ... we look forward to seeing them in concert."

    To listen to Angelika and Markus' beautiful music please visit Mirabai Ceiba Website.

    For a peek at what you will experience please watch Angelika and Markus at Mirabai Ceiba Barcelona Concert 

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  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

    Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

    Monday, October 27th to Monday, December 15th, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
    Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

    October 27, 2014 to December 15, 2014 - 8 Week Series

    This course will be co-facilitated by Dr. Kimberly Sogge, PhD CPsych Psychologist & MBSR Teacher and Peter Lloyd MBA Consultant, Coach & MBSR Teacher-in-Training.

    This 8-week experiential course develops in participants a foundation mindfulness practice.

    This Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course is based on the original 8 week curriculum developed by Kim’s teachers, Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn, Dr. Saki Santorelli, of the University of Massachusetts Centre for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society.

    MBSR teaches beneficial mindfulness practices from several Buddhist traditions in a non-sectarian, compassionate manner. In this course, participants will benefit from Dr. Sogge’s capacity to create a safe environment in which to explore the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation with kindness and lightness, as an approach to healing and stress reduction.

    A FULL DAY silent practice retreat Mindful Awakening 2014 is included after session four, and will be held on Saturday, November 22nd 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

    Course handouts and practice MP3s are included in the fees.

    Cost: $595.00 per person, includes 8 weekly classes, full day silent retreat, course materials and MP3s of guided meditations for home practice.

    Receipts may be available for reimbursement from some extended health plans*.

    *Students, please check with your insurance plan before registering for the course if you plan to seek reimbursement and if you are not sure if your insurance provider will cover this very valuable class. Student experiences with their insurance plans have varied in the past. Most insurance companies in Canada, the US and abroad have a history of covering this course.

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