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December 2017
  • Workshop - Holiday Bliss

    Workshop - Holiday Bliss

    Friday, December 15th, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
    Workshop - Holiday Bliss

    A special evening of
    Hot-Stone Restorative Yoga with live music!

    Treat yourself this holiday season. Escape the holiday hustle and bustle and enjoy a relaxing evening with Anne Wanda Tessier and Kaleigh Watts.

    Anne will guide you through a blissful Restorative Yoga session with the use of hot-stones while you enjoy live music by Kaleigh Watts. This special evening promises to be calming for the mind, nurturing for the body and soothing for the soul.

    Enjoy warming tea and holiday treats after class and take home a goodie-bag filled with spa treats and 2 free yoga classes!

    Cost: $55.00 per person. SAVE! Register before November 30, 2017 and save $10.00.

    Space is limited to 30 people.

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  • New Moon Meditation for Prosperity & Abundance

    New Moon Meditation for Prosperity & Abundance

    Tuesday, December 19th, 5:45pm - 7:15pm
    New Moon Meditation for Prosperity & Abundance

    "Prosperity is a state produced immediately by the mind. When the sun comes out of the clouds, everything is lit. When the mind comes out of duality, prosperity is there."- Yogi Bhajan

    Meditating at the time of the New Moon intensifies our intentions and makes it an ideal time to focus on prosperity (personal and business) and abundance using the energy of the New Moon combined with Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations.

    Prosperity and abundance come in many forms.  When one’s internal attitude is out of alignment, it doesn’t matter what that person has or doesn’t have in the material world.  When we connect with an internal attitude of prosperity, we become like a magnet. The abundance of the universe flows to us.

    Our class includes breath work (pranayam), a short yoga set (kriya) for awareness, a prosperity meditation followed by a deep relaxation (savasana) in the celestial sounds and vibrations of two Gongs.

    Cost: PranaShanti Class Card or Drop-in Fee.

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  • Winter Wonderland - Winter Solstice Celebration

    Winter Wonderland - Winter Solstice Celebration

    Thursday, December 21st to Friday, December 22nd, 6:30pm - 9:00pm
    Winter Wonderland - Winter Solstice Celebration


    Midwinter's day has been an important time for celebration throughout the ages. On this shortest day of the year, the sun is at its lowest and weakest, a pivot point from which the light will grow stronger and brighter. This is the turning point of the year.

    To celebrate this sacred time we will begin with an inspirational intention setting, followed by yoga, a meditation, and immersive sound experience.

    Live music will enhance our sacred experience with ambient soundscapes as we practice. The Spirit Room will be magically transformed into a full sensory Winter Wonderland experience...complete with live trees, twinkling white lights, snow and more!

    Warming and delicious drinks, a vegan gluten free dinner meal and dessert are included and catered by Whole Foods. Please come dressed in white clothing to further add to the ambiance of this sacred time.

    Cost: $65.00 per person.

    Limited space for a maximum of 50 participants.

    To plan for participant take home gifts and to confirm catering, registration closes December 14, 2017.

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  • Workshop - Medicine of Subtraction

    Workshop - Medicine of Subtraction

    Friday, December 29th, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
    Workshop - Medicine of Subtraction
    Coming to the end of December, we pause for reflection on all that the
    calendar year brought to our lives.

    It's the perfect time to nourish the body and spirit with quiet, contemplative yoga. Give yourself presence this season and come celebrate your tremendous efforts across the year while you honour the lessons and gifts of 2017.

    Digest all those experiences with a quiet, healing practice. This 2 hour class will be a mélange of gentle movements and restorative yoga with a breath-centric approach, and you will be extra supported with hands-on enhancements from Kathryn and assistants.

    You’ll be guided through movement to distribute energy and prana throughout your body, so that through the medicine of subtraction, you will feel the ebb and flow of your nourished spirit ready to move forward into 2018.
    Tea and treats will be served after class, and every attendee will be entered into a draw for yoga gifts from our favourite Canadian yoga companies.

    Cost:  $45.00 per person in advance. $50.00 per person day of.
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