Kate brings a warm, loving, and inclusive energy to all her students, whether you walk into a Flow, Yin, Restorative, Therapeutic class or workshop. Kate blends creative sequencing, meditation, breath work, and yogic philosophy in a way that can be taken off the mat following practice. Her approach inspires an inner journey, exploring the transformative powers of this sacred practice, as we learn to move, breathe, and BE in harmony as a whole – mind, body, spirit.

Classes combine breath and flow, creativity and relaxation, strength and ease. Kate believes in cultivating a practice (and life) that feels good, from the inside out; one that feels as good along the path, throughout the journey, as it does at each destination point along the way. Every time we step on our mat is a new beginning, filled with peace and possibility … which is exactly how Kate lives and teaches.

Your class experience will often include hands-on support, loving assists, themed classes, music, and readings. Yoga is all about connection and community. Kate loves to connect with her students before, during and after class. Each of us is an ever-evolving work of h’Art, strengthened through our connections, curiosity and experiences. You are invited to come to class with questions, challenges, and insights.

Kate completed her first Teacher Training with Eoin Finn, enabling her to combine alignment principles, sustainability of both body and nature, creativity, play, and of course Blissology philosophies into her teachings. Kate then went on to deepen her studies as a Certified Yoga Therapist, focusing on healing power of yoga, including yoga for brain health, mental health, chronic pain, and other conditions (including the human condition!). Kate is also a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator, offering workshops throughout the year to help individuals live their lives on purpose.

Kate believes we can transform any space, from offering private yoga therapy sessions, building a home practice, creating custom workshops or retreats, both 1×1 as well as with small or large groups. To learn more or contact Kate, visit katedurie.com.

Through every breath, every movement, every intention, yoga can be transformative. As a lifelong student, Kate is always learning and absorbing through formal studies, trainings, reading, as well as “life studies”, sharing all that inspires her own practice with her students.

Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen