Sue Ducros facilitates Radiant Child Yoga Training across Canada including Nunavit, the UK and Europe.  She has twenty years of experience in teaching yoga to children (and adults) of all ages and abilities. Sue has a B.Sc., M.B.A. and Diploma in Education from McGill University, Canada. Sue also has wide experience in working with children with Special Needs and bringing yoga to them.

Sue is passionate about giving the Gift of Yoga to children and believes that yoga is an instruction manual for children to live their best life. Yoga keeps children happy, healthy and fully alive. Sue has 3 children of her own and is a keen triathlete, swimmer and cyclist. Sue is based in Ottawa, Canada where in addition to teaching yoga she is a university and high school math and science tutor.

Sue’s Yoga Certifications:

  •  350 hours Kundalini Level 1 and Level 2
  • Radiant Child Facilitator Levels 1,2,3
  • Foundation Toga Therapy
  • 400 hours Hatha Teacher Training (Classic Hatha and Vinyasa)
  • Sonia Sumar Yoga for the Special Child
  • Yoga for Children with Special Intentions (ADHD/SPD and Autism)
  • Happily Ever Now (Radiant Child)

Recent Testimonials: 

“I have learned through your knowledge how to teach yoga to children, but I have mostly integrated your pure and courageous energy at every moment; your Presence is filled with love and your inner child glows constantly! With gratitude always”, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

“You are a beautiful and gifted teacher with much passion, wisdom and experience.  Thank you for sharing that here with our group of yogis.” Glenda Carline, owner Yoga for Today Edmonton 

“Sue you are a Radiant Being! You send peace, kindness and most importantly love.” Halifax

“Many useful resources, beautiful music, easy to follow along, open to create a children’s yoga session with a variety of postures” Halifax

“Excellent, clear and very informative. Great examples to bring back to the real world” Ottawa RCY Course

“Loved the thoroughness, broad range of experience Sue has with different areas in working with children” Ottawa