Namasté.  Born in India, Sonia considers herself to be a lifelong student of Yoga. Sonia has been practicing yoga since she was very young, with her parents and grandparents being an inspiration to her. She has been in a continuous learning process since childhood, by attending ashrams, workshops and conferences, and finalizing her “official” training in Kundalini Yoga from The Kundalini Research Institute (KRI). Having been introduced to yogis and swamis at a young age, she developed a deep interest in Yoga, Ayurvedic sciences and eastern philosophy to help herself navigate through different challenges in her life, and enjoys sharing those experiences with her students. It has been a learning journey since then.

Currently, Sonia teaches weekly mindful breath sessions and office yoga to help employees alleviate their day to day physical, mental and emotional stress in the Public Service. Being an active member in the Wellness Committee in her workplace, Sonia has done numerous town hall sessions for employees in the Public Service on the topic of mindfulness and its link to our well-being.  Since 2016, Sonia has been one of the regular substitute yoga teachers at PranaShanti, and students have appreciated her teaching style and knowledge. Her students enjoy her calm demeanor, warmness and her rich knowledge and passion for her Indian culture and traditions. In particular, Sonia enjoys engaging her students and sharing her own experiences to inspire and help them navigate through their own journey.

With her business degree and background in accounting, she has over 25 years experience in the corporate culture. Sonia has a natural ability to help others understand the links between spirituality and one’s organizational performance in the workplace.  She has obtained her Level 2 Reiki training and has a background in Ayurvedic sciences and Indian ayurvedic cooking, and enjoys incorporating that knowledge and lifestyle in her yoga sessions.  Sonia feels privileged to be able to develop her studies further in yoga and Ayurveda with traditional teachers to deepen and share her knowledge with others. Sat Naam.