I teach an athletic style of yoga that will challenge you to meet your edge with grace and ease.  I like to teach a mix of traditional asana with strength and mobility exercises borrowed from other modalities.  I think the greatest gift I can offer my students is how to meet challenging moments with softness, how to tune inwards for guidance, and to feel more at home in their bodies.  For me, yoga is about realizing that so much of our struggle in life comes from our reactivity and resistance to things as they are. My classes will encourage you to breathe into what you are feeling without judgement, without reacting, and to simply witness your experience without trying to change it.

When it came to thinking about why we work out, my friend used to always say, ‘what are you training for?’  Most of us aren’t training for any Olympic event, what most of us are training for is life.  We are doing yoga so we can get out of bed in the morning and feel good in our bodies.  We want to be able to run with our kids, enjoy a hike with friends, and feel we can call upon our bodies to do whatever activity that we want.  We are training (or doing yoga) so our bodies don’t hold us back from living the life we want.

When I go to teach, I think about what yoga asana or movement patterns could be of greatest service to the average person walking into my class.  While we are unique in our own way, we are mostly quite similar in our lifestyles.   My classes look to counter all the ‘sitting’ we do in order to re-balance where we are typically tight, and to strengthen where we tend to be weak.   Greater range of motion in the body isn’t just from ‘stretching.’  Often our bodies are tight because they lack strength, and it is the body’s way of protecting that weakness.  Learning to strengthen the body through movement, can actually give you access to greater ranges of motion, and ultimately, more freedom in your body to live life.