Nathalie or Nathie is a conservationist and Singer/Artist and draws inspiration from nature to create deeper rooted levels of awareness and self love.

Certified RYT200 HR with the Maui Yoga and Dance Shala, she was trained by Nadia Toraman (Founder), Jennifer Bonadio (philosopher and yoga/life mentor) and Shakta (philosopher and Teacher) and is registered with the Yoga Alliance.

She loves travelling, teaching in different parts of the world, and using her growth to help others in their journey through yoga practice.

Nathie enjoys the analogy of the Ocean. We can experience storms, calm days, see various skies, our tides change, we are transforming in every moment, not a single wave is the same.

Nathie holds space for students to foster self worth, love and appreciation, allowing the space within oneself to create and reshape themselves, to accept that it’s ok to just be, in a non judgmental, safe and gentle heart space, to appreciate all of oneself in any given moment, to let go.

She loves introducing the concepts of deepening self awareness, consciously manifesting, and creating our internal desires and safekeeping our hopes and dreams for ourselves and the world. She believes that each one of us is a gift in this world and we bring something sacred.