Michael’s classes offer students  a chance to tune inward using the body and breath to find a state of mental calm.  Students leave feeling both physically and mentally refreshed, as Michael teaches hatha yoga interspersed with humour and philosophy to allow for a better understanding of the practice and to help you remember to smile along the way.

Michael practices and teaches a traditional and holistic approach to yoga, reaching all parts of the body and mind to release deep seeded tension and allow for proper relaxation. Each practice has breathing exercises to work directly with the emotions and mind, a series of postures to put the spine through all its various motions, balancing strength and flexibility in the body and a guided relaxation to help find a source of sustainable calmness from within.

Training at several Sivananda ashrams in Canada and India has allowed Michael to live with his teacher and be fully immersed in the yoga experience. His training covers a wide scope of yoga, from philosophy and Bhagavad Gita courses to chanting and devotion ceremonies to the physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. He looks forward to helping you discover and deepen your understanding of this lovely experience.

Take some time for yourself today! Om Sri Hanumate Namaha!