Do you have chronic pain that won’t go away? When a person has pain or lack of normal movement there is a problem along a chain of muscles. Fascial restructuring is a unique approach getting to the core of the problem. Usually where you are experiencing the pain is not the source of the problem. That is a symptom resulting from another part of the muscle chain that is “stuck”. By releasing the part that is “stuck” it allows the muscles that are over worked to relax and go back into place; increasing range of motion and relieving pain. Using the maps of fascial lines that outline how the body’s muscle systems function together gives a guide of where to look based on your symptoms. Using sustained pressure the body will naturally release and move back into place. Using this method you can make lasting changes, relieving chronic pain.

Matthew graduated from the International School of Massage Therapy in Ottawa completing the accelerated program. For more than 15 years Matthew has been studying body mechanics and healing. He specializes in chronic pain; from old injuries or repetitive use.