We all come to the mat for different reasons. No matter what yours is, ‘balance’ is at the heart of everything we do. We often forget to let go of that which we no longer need in life or in the moment, and this can create an imbalance that impacts us on many levels.

Jane’s classes focus on achieving balance by cultivating a mindful awareness of your body, mind, and spirit in the present moment to help bring you closer to a state that is essential for healing and growth. Jane will encourage you to practice these skills in every class as you move through themed sequences. She usually closes class with a poem or reading as ‘food for thought’ to integrate into your grounded state to end savasana.

Jane is a retired high school visual arts teacher and arts consultant. She completed the 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 at PranaShanti and has been teaching there since 2013. She has studied Yin yoga with Joe Barnett; anatomy classes with Ray Long; Jill Miller’s 70 hour Yoga Tune Up®; Restorative yoga with Sudha Lundeen; and Alignment-based Yoga for Holistic Health with Barrie Risman. She has also studied with Sadie Nardini and Todd Norian among others. Jane is also certified as a .b Mindfulness trainer for teenagers.

Life Is A Balance Between Holding On And Letting Go ~Rumi