As a yoga teacher since 2011, Cat teaches classes, hosts retreats and leads trainings and continues her own learning. Cat has studied with many gifted teachers including Bernie Clark, Anodea Judith, Abrah Arneson and Maria Garre.  She is gregarious and energetic: her teaching offers students mental clarity and physical wellness with a hefty dose of epic moments. She is clear, straightforward, and brings her sassy joie de vivre that is all feeling. Having completed her Moksha teacher training in Brazil, Cat is a globetrotter and perpetual traveler. She loves people and places far more than stuff – she’s been to over 30 countries.

Cat’s an excellent connector and learns all about her students – their practice and lives – and blossoms at the heart of her yoga communities. She loves the people yoga has brought to her life, all in all, it’s pretty magical.  Her light-heartedness and love of life make her a rousing instructor, and she credits her personal growth to the teachings of her mother, Ted Grand, Jessica Robertson, Ryan Leier, Seane Corn and Eoin Finn. In addition to yoga, Cat shares passions for reading, running, and scuba diving.

Cat also loves connecting with people and helping them to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. She has fused this knowledge with her own experience and has an interest in all health, healing and wellness modalities.  Cat’s offering of AromaTouch Technique is a natural combination of her passion of essential oils and intuitive ability to help others. AromaTouch Technique is a method of applying essential oils to the spine and back, ears and feet in a specific sequence in order to enhance relaxation, boost the immune system and help move lymphatic fluid. Touch and smell are two of our most powerful senses and are used to positively enhance well-being. Only high quality therapeutic-grade oils are used.  Cat has certifications for AromaTouch Technique, numerous yoga related courses and a BSc in biology and psychology.