Laura Atmadev became a student of kundalini yoga in 2013. At the time, it helped her heal from severe anxiety and find the energy (and courage) to live more fully. Her passion for yoga and meditation — and its effect of increasing wellbeing — is not only fueled by her personal experience but also her corporate job working in the mental health industry.

In 2016, she took the opportunity to dive deeper into the roots of kundalini yoga and share the teachings. She completed her KRI-certified Level 1 training studying under lead trainers Guru Dharam and Siri Sat Kaur. Since then, she has taught kundalini yoga and meditation classes at Shunnya Yoga Centre in Ottawa and Joy Yoga in London, UK in addition to high schools, colleges, healthcare settings, professional conferences, and social media channels.

She is amazed by (and often turns to) the power of kundalini yoga to improve mental health, increase vitality, and help us through life’s daily challenges. Her teaching style is empowering and rooted in creating experiences based on various class themes.