Counselling & Yoga Therapy are two therapeutic disciplines that are beautifully complimentary to one another as well as to any other treatment modality in the health care system. This is a highly confidential service and very individualized to suit the needs, goals, and lifestyle of the person seeking the therapy.

Counselling (also commonly referred to as psychotherapy or mental health therapy) is perfectly appropriate for anyone who wishes to participate in therapy as a means of taking care of their mental health: increase mental clarity; change problematic thought or behaviour patterns; and improve their emotional balance and overall level of happiness. Goals in counselling can include developing new skills, processing difficult emotions, and addressing the root cause of more persistent states of unease: depression, anxiety, addictions, emotional dependency, trauma, anger, chronic stress, post-traumatic-stress, and more.

Yoga Therapy, on the other hand, is the therapeutic application of concepts, principles, and techniques of yoga which are suitably selected and appropriately modified to suit the individual seeking the therapy as well as to bring out a specific therapeutic effect for that individual. The client is often prescribed an individualized yoga practice that is informed by the client’s wellness goals and addresses the symptoms and causes of the health concern, illness, injury, or disease process. As the individual changes and greater health is restored, the practice is modified accordingly throughout the course of therapy. In some cases, the client may not be ready, able, or wanting to practice on their own between therapy sessions. In this case, simple tools and techniques are used in session along with counselling to help the person achieve momentary relief from the problem, breathe more freely, and begin to understand how to achieve an integrated experience of mind, body, and breath.

How is it covered by my insurance?

Katherine Marr’s work with insured clients is supervised by Registered Counselling Psychologist Dr. David Paré, member #4073 with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. Sessions can therefore be claimed in the category of Psychological services provided by a Registered Psychologist through most employment insurance plans.

Please check with your Insurance Provider regarding psychotherapeutic services which are supervised by, and not directly provided by, a Registered Psychologist. Health plans, such as OHIP, do not provide coverage.

Katherine’s services are also covered by other health benefit plans including Blue Cross, Veteran Affairs Canada, and more.


$100.00 + HST / 60 minutes

Booking Appointments

Your appointment is not scheduled until you receive a confirmation via e-mail or telephone. We require 24 hours to confirm an online booking request. If you would like to book and confirm your appointment more quickly please call us 613-761-9642(YOGA).

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to check in, use the restroom, fill out any necessary forms and enjoy our delicious organic teas.

Cancellation Policy
A minimum of 24 hours notice is required or full fee applies.

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