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How did you get started in Yoga?

I started my yoga practice over 20 years ago.  At the time, my practice was more about increasing flexibility and building strength.  Over the years my practice has evolved.
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Although I still appreciate all of the benefits on the body, my practice is now about finding balance and being more mindful about what my body needs as well as exploring the benefits for the mind and soul.
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What does yoga mean to you in your life today?

To me, yoga is the practice of meeting yourself on your mat.  Its a practice of mindfulness and its also a practice of awareness of your body, your breath and your thoughts.   When we take the time to slow down we can become aware of what we need, either in our practice, or in our lives.
Ottawa Yoga review
Whether we need to move and boost our energy levels, or if we need to be more mindful and take care of ourselves.  Its all about finding balance.  I find yoga a great way to allow ourselves to tune in to what we need to find balance in our lives.
Ottawa Yoga review

Why do you enjoy teaching at PranaShanti?

I have been teaching at PranaShanti for over 6 years and its just a pleasure to teach at this studio.  There are so many wonderful teachers at this studio, and students have the opportunity to explore various styles of yoga.
Ottawa Yoga review
Whenever I have the opportunity to host workshops or trainings at PranaShanti, I have the support from the staff which is always appreciated.  I am also quite lucky to teach at a studio that has so many props!  Its not every studio that is equipped with so many bolsters, blocks, blankets required to teach a supportive Restorative Yoga class.
Ottawa Yoga review

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  1. Paramjoti Kaur (Barbara)

    Thank you for sharing your lovely story Anne and also love the photos of you in this amazing neighbourhood!


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